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February 3, 2016

Kelly Tan

Ocala, Florida

Q. A little rough at the end, but got to feel pretty good about the round today?
KELLY TAN: Yeah, I can't complain, but with the way I finished, I still think that I can do better, but I gave myself a lot of chances today. I stayed short of the holes and have a lot of uphill putts and a couple tap-ins and took care of the par-5s, and that's how I scored today.

Q. How do you forget about that going into tomorrow, the putt?
KELLY TAN: Oh, I mean, it happens. I mean, I'm not a machine, so I've just got to take that and just move on. Just keep doing what I'm doing, and I think I'll be okay.

Q. I know you had some pretty clear objectives in the off-season that you wanted to work on you said after Malaysia. What did you work on in the off-season, and where is your game right now?
KELLY TAN: Yeah, me and my coach, we worked a lot on the golf swing, and there's always things that can be improved in your swing, but we did concentrate the work on my mental part of it a lot more. I don't know if you know about the Focus Band. They're new, and it's like a brain machine that tracks how -- if you're thinking with your right brain or you're thinking too much, like analyzing yourself too much. I saw a couple girls use it this week. It's really good. It's been helping with putting, and that's --

Q. What is this, brain machine?
KELLY TAN: Can you give me the brain machine just inside the bag, the band?

Q. Is this the first time you've used it this week?
KELLY TAN: I used it all off-season, even when I trained with my coach.

Q. What are you looking for more, right or left brain?
KELLY TAN: Right, because left brain we use to make a decision, like if you're behind the ball concentrating, but when you're over the ball you're supposed to be calm. Maybe I put it in the locker room. Yeah, it's a band. Sandra uses it, I use it. I think Tiffany Joh used it on the putting green, and I saw Gabby used it.

Q. What did it tell you?
KELLY TAN: There's an app on the phone, so you just hook it up, so I will just do my thing, and my caddie just kind of looks at it, and when I'm done with my putting, I just ask, or when you hit a shot, you just ask him, was I green? Because green, it means you're in the zone or when you're using your right brain, you're calm. There's this quiet eye thing when you really narrow down and focus on something, there's a quiet eye. So really cool machine, and I think it has been helping me a lot.

Q. In what way?
KELLY TAN: Oh, just to calm you down. You can just -- if I put it on you right now you're going to be red because you're thinking. Yeah, you're trying to be calm, right.

Q. So the idea is to have no thoughts?
KELLY TAN: No thoughts, just relax.

Q. So you're basically concentrating on not thinking?
KELLY TAN: Concentrating on not thinking. Yes.

Q. You got it going early today. What was going on? What was working for you?
KELLY TAN: Like I said, I just kept hitting fairways and greens, and the first putt dropped, and I stick it close on the next par-5, and almost made my birdie putt on that 6th, par-3, and then the next par-5 I scored again from 80 yards. That's how I -- my wedges were just really spot-on today.

Q. What's it take to score on this golf course? What's the key?
KELLY TAN: I think you just have to know where to hit on the green, like don't be long because then you have those downhill sneaky putts that can be tough, and just take care of the par-5s, I guess.

Q. Have you played any of the replica holes in real life? Have you played the Old Course?

Q. So none of the replica holes?
KELLY TAN: Well, I don't know if the 11th -- did they say 11th is --

Q. Is 12 at Augusta. Have you played Augusta?
KELLY TAN: No, no. I wish.

Q. So what's the name of the brain machine?
KELLY TAN: It's called Focus Band.

Q. Because it's like a headband?

Q. Are you going to have it on later today?
KELLY TAN: Probably not today. I can show you. It's in my locker.

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