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January 20, 2016

Agnieszka Radwanska

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

A. RADWANSKA/E. Bouchard

6-4, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Very tough second-round match. What were your thoughts when you saw the draw and how do you think she was out there today?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA: Well, there is always someone in the draw not seeded that you normally play in the second round or even first round. Of course, she's one of those players that should have ranking little bit. She is very dangerous in the draw.

Of course, that was a great challenge for me to play somebody like Eugenie in the second round.

But I think I was doing everything right today. That's why I win that match in two sets. Definitely not an easy draw.

Q. You played her in 2014 when she was making her big rise in the rankings. How did she seem out there today?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA: Yes, I didn't play her for a while. But definitely I think she's playing better now than in the last season. I think she's on the good way to come back, playing much better tennis.

So I think in couple months we going to see her more deeper in the Grand Slams.

Q. It's a tough draw obviously in the second round, but at the same time do you maybe get up and focus a little bit more because you are playing an opponent like that as opposed to maybe somebody you're not familiar with or lower ranked?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA: Yes, of course. I was prepared for that match 100%. I knew it wasn't going to be easy. She had good start of the year, as well, playing couple good matches. I knew I would have to play good tennis today.

She start very well. She was hitting the ball very good. I think I was just more consistent today. That's why I could really come back in that first set especially. I was really serving good. I was focusing on that. That helped, as well.

Q. Do you still feel the confidence from how well you finished last year in Singapore with those wins? You're on a win streak. Do you feel that momentum from last year still or do you feel like you've restarted this year?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA: Well, of course, I'm happy that I'm still playing the same tennis I was playing at the end of the year. This is a new season, new tournament. I think doesn't really matter what happened last year. We already start a new season.

Of course, I'm confident about my game and I really feel good on court. But it's not sure I'm going to win the match. So I still need to work hard on that. Nothing's going to come for free.

Q. The way you finished, did it increase your motivation in the off-season?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA: Of course. I had a really good rest after those seven weeks in Asia. Then, of course, back on court and work hard, even harder, to made the bigger goal, which is the Grand Slams.

Of course, I was really working on that on the court and off the court. So we'll see.

Q. At the beginning of the season it's hard to know where your game is at. You won Shenzhen. With respect to the field, you didn't play anybody in the top 90. Does the win today, playing Eugenie, does that give you an idea where your game is at? Do you walk away with a clear idea of your level?
AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA: To be honest, maybe in Shenzhen I didn't lose a set. I didn't really play against top players, but as we see, those players are beating top players here.

Actually, I was really playing great tennis. But I have really a couple good matches that the scores didn't really seem like it was a good match, in the final or other one.

I think those matches are really similar in Shenzhen. As we see now the ranking, it sometimes didn't really showing the game, what the player actually showing. You playing against the player, not the ranking.

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