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January 26, 2016

Shuai Zhang

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

S. ZHANG/M. Keys

3-6, 6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How does that feel?

Q. A lot of work tonight?

Q. So what's your general reaction to making the quarterfinals?
ZHANG SHUAI: Very exciting. Very happy, yeah. I don't want stop. I want more step.

Q. Next round you're going to play Konta, who is another new face in the quarterfinals. How do you feel about playing against that kind of a player and what is your expectation of that match?
ZHANG SHUAI: I think I don't have time to thinking about the next day match because I'm so tired right now. And also we play few times, and sometimes practice together. We know each other very much.

So I hope we play good match, yeah.

Q. How emotional was the match today for you, and how difficult is it to play someone who is clearly very hurt?
ZHANG SHUAI: It's so tough to play against someone injury because, yeah, when I'm saw her like feel more pain. You know, so tough. Maybe two point you feeling like cannot play, and then next three balls, pong, pong, pong, make two ace, one winner. So, so tough. You don't know what's happen.

And also last year this happen many times. I'm almost win the match. I lost. I lost the concentrate. But this time I think I try to concentrate. So I'm happy I win the match, yeah.

Q. Two days ago you said you considered quitting tennis. What was your idea about your future? What was your plan if you had to quit tennis?
ZHANG SHUAI: Right now, after this tournament, I need a long break, yeah, because I already play seven match. Before today I'm thinking, Okay, today is the final. When somebody already win six match on Grand Slam, already final, right? So try to like feeling like a final, night match. Feeling like the last match, yeah.

So after this tournament, I already said this year I'm less the tournament. I don't want to play too much. I want to some more time for my life. I can do something for holiday, for rest, for stay with my parents. Also sometime I need working hard, yeah. I need practice.

Q. You're going to play your eighth match now. Does this all feel like too much too soon or is it great to have a lot of Grand Slam matches on big stage coming all at once for you after so long?
ZHANG SHUAI: Yeah, I think I waiting one match win long time, more than eight year. So this time feeling like maybe God will bless me. Like I feeling one time give me many win, so I'm so lucky. I like this, yeah. If I can wait for long time, eight year, I can one time win a lot match in the Grand Slam, I'm happy, yeah. I want this.

Q. You said you were considering retirement before this tournament. Two months ago you won a 100,000 tournament in Tokyo, and you beat top 100 players. Do you think that victory gave you confidence or belief?
ZHANG SHUAI: Yeah, for sure give me a lot confidence. Are you from Japan?

Q. Yeah, that's why I ask.
ZHANG SHUAI: I already feel when you talking.

You know, very tough play against Japan player in Japan. Of course, play against the local player always very tough, but I think I did a great job two months ago. If not that win, I think I don't have today.

I'm very happy I can win the 100,000 in Tokyo because also my first time win 100,000. Right now I win ITF tournament from 10,000 I think, yeah, to 25, 50, 75, 100. So, yeah, the Grand Slam is my goal, the next goal, yeah. So I want one more step up.

Q. Can you tell us about being Sam Stosur's ball girl?
ZHANG SHUAI: She play against left hand first round. My coach is left hand. We talk, Okay, maybe, yeah, Sam need some left hand for warmup. Also my coach always warm up for me, also always practice with me. He play very good. He also was very good player in China.

But really bad luck for Sam lost first round. I'm so happy she come today, support me. Yeah, I think she play in Australia little bit nervous. I want try to -- yeah, because my coach always pick up ball for me, I want to also try one time pick up ball for my coach.

Yeah, so...

Q. With each round that you win, do you feel more or less pressure?
ZHANG SHUAI: Less pressure because I think the big pressure is first round. But I'm so lucky play against the second seed, No. 2. Also no more pressure. If play top player still have pressure. I think I can play on court maybe loss 6-Love, 6-Love, yeah.

Yeah, so for me no more pressure.

Q. Is that very different from the previous 14 slams that you played? Did you come into this tournament feeling less pressure than any of the other Grand Slams that you played?
ZHANG SHUAI: No, only feeling because I lost so many, too much. Already no feeling. I don't want think when I lose. I think that doesn't matter because already so many time. Who care? Already nobody care, yeah.

I just try my best.

Q. Did you think about what you would do if you retired tennis?
ZHANG SHUAI: I really want to have one coffee bar. So welcome to everybody. Come when I'm retire.

Q. Where? What city?
ZHANG SHUAI: I don't know yet.

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