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January 30, 2016

Oliver Anderson

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

O. ANDERSON/J. Karimov

6-2, 1-6, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How does it feel?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Yeah, it's good. Pretty good feeling. Yeah, it was a tough match. Pretty relieved to get through it.

Q. Has it sunk in yet what you just achieved?
OLIVER ANDERSON: No, not yet. Probably won't for a little while. Yeah, pretty happy with myself right now.

Q. Second set probably a lot of errors. How did you turn it back around?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Yeah, I had a pretty terrible second set. I struggled to put the ball in the court.

In the third set I was going for my shots a little bit more and backing my strokes.

It worked out all right.

Q. What was your injury? You got the trainer out.
OLIVER ANDERSON: Yeah, since about day three, four, I've had a hip -- yeah, hip injury. It's okay. I can play through it. Just a bit painful.

Q. Did you have strapping as well?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Yeah. I've got a fair bit going on.

Q. It's the same injury?

Q. What were the nerves like walking out on Rod Laver Arena?
OLIVER ANDERSON: It was pretty scary. I was pretty scared since last night. Since I had won in the semifinals I had already been thinking about walking out on Rod Laver and hopefully making the most of the opportunity.

I thought I did so I was pretty glad.

Q. Kyrgios, Tomic, Saville have all won. What does it mean to be in the same board as them?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Yeah, it's good seeing my name up against those guys.

Q. You have a relationship with those guys?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Yeah, I know all them, so, yeah. They've all had pretty good careers so far. Hopefully I can follow in their footsteps.

Q. Any extra pressure now that you've won it?
OLIVER ANDERSON: No, not yet just because I don't have any tournaments that I'm playing for the next little while.

Yeah, just let this one sink in first I think.

Q. Do you think there will be more interest you and now?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Possibly. Not that I know of. Yeah. I won't know until I guess that happens. Yeah.

Q. How are you going to celebrate the win?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Go home and go to the beach I reckon for a few days. Get out of town.

Q. Many family and friends come down?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Yeah, the whole family came down, all six of them. Pretty good to have them down here. I didn't know they were coming until this morning. It was a bit of surprise.

Meant a lot they came down.

Q. Have you spoken to your family today?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Well, I quickly met up with them just before I played. I haven't seen them since I played because I finished like ten minutes ago.

But, yeah, I'm sure they're going to be pretty happy that they've flown down to see me win. So, yeah.

Q. After the second set, did you ever lose faith that you could come back? You were you surprised that you won in the end?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Yeah, in the end of the second I was thinking my chances were pretty slim. Yeah, I was trying to just be the aggressor in the points in the third set and try to not do too much running.

That type of game style got me through.

Q. Did you do anything different in the off-season this year?
OLIVER ANDERSON: No, not really. Just working hard for a long time. I guess it's starting to payoff. Yeah, for sure nothing has really changed.

Q. Who's your coach and where do you train?
OLIVER ANDERSON: I'm from Brisbane and coached by Wayne Arthurs and Heath Denman.

Q. Are you going to play other junior tournaments this year?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Not sure yet. To be decided later. Yeah, probably mainly challengers and maybe some futures.

Yeah, not too sure about juniors. If I do, probably just be Grand Slams.

Q. Pretty awesome day for the Aussie boys winning the doubles as well. Fairly good mates with those fellows?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Yeah, I'm actually rooming with one of them. It's a pretty good win for him. I'm sure he had a blast.

Q. Where does this win rank in your career?
OLIVER ANDERSON: I haven't won too many tournaments, so this is probably the best so far. Yeah, for sure.

Q. You went through a pretty rough period of injury and stuff. How rewarding is this?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Yeah, I had a pretty average 2014, I think it was, so being able to bounce back and win a big tournament like this, it's pretty rewarding I guess for the hard work I put in.

Q. Does this reinforce you're on the right path I guess that you can make it?
OLIVER ANDERSON: I guess in juniors it's a lot different. But, I mean, sure, I get a little bit of confidence out of this. Yeah.

Q. Do you like surfing?
OLIVER ANDERSON: I do. Yeah. Yeah. Just being down there as well is good.

Q. Are you a good surfer?
OLIVER ANDERSON: No. Maybe tennis is for me.

Q. Just on some of the other guys that have won the title, would you seek them out to discuss how to handle this?
OLIVER ANDERSON: No. Actually, I haven't really seen many of them around just because they're off playing and doing their own thing. I didn't get the chance to. I'm sure they were all extremely nervous like I was before.

Yeah, unfortunately I didn't get a chance to go through it with them.

Q. From here though will you discuss it with them?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Probably not. You know, enjoy the win for a short period of time, but it's a long career for sure. This is just juniors.

It's a great win. Yeah, for sure focusing on my ATP. That's a bigger picture.

Q. Does this make you more hungry for professional success?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Yeah, I'd say so. I have always had a pretty good drive to be the best I can possibly be, but, yeah, I guess this adds to that.

Q. What's Wayne brought to your game?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Only been working him for about three weeks, so hasn't changed too much yet. Helped me a bit with my serve.

Yeah, that's it. So far it's been good having him on the side the court. He's pretty encouraging.

Q. For ATP, do you have a particular goal this year or number you want to get it down to?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Not really yet, because I try to not look too far ahead. My main focus was for this week, and I haven't looked past that yet.

I'll go through that with Wayne pretty soon.

Q. Have you had any discussions or words from Lleyton at all?
OLIVER ANDERSON: No. Actually never met him before. He's an idol of mine. Be pretty cool to meet him.

Q. Are you in school?
OLIVER ANDERSON: Graduated when I was 16.

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