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November 11, 2000

Nick Price


Q. Q. It wasn't a grade-A day, but it looked like you were having a heck of a good time out there with Tanaka.

NICK PRICE: Yeah. Well, he's fun to play with. You know, he was playing the round , I think the round of his life out there. He played awfully well. He was a little unfortunate to bogey the last hole. But I don't think I shot myself in the foot today. I'm probably missing a couple of toes, but I didn't quite get myself in the foot. I've got a chance tomorrow. I had some strange things happen today. Honestly, three or four things that just were really unusual. But I hung in there tough. That bogey on 16 really hurt, because I got back to 8-under and 1-over for the day. And I hit a pretty good little 8-iron there, and it pitched just pin-high and took a huge bounce and went 15 yards over the green. I didn't have much chance to up-and-down it. But anyway, tomorrow's another day, thank goodness. I hope the sun comes out.

Q. Q. Any idea what kind of number you might need tomorrow?

NICK PRICE: Well, it's a bit of a logjam up there. Obviously Tiger, being I think 7-under, is he? Is he 7-under?

Q. Q. Yes.

NICK PRICE: So he's always a threat to shoot a low score. And I think he's probably a little frustrated he hasn't played better this week. But, you know, there's three, four, five guys who can shoot real low tomorrow. And I'm just hoping the sun comes out. I want 30-degree (Celsius) weather tomorrow.

Q. Q. You were really the one guy that had a chance really to break out and avoid this horse race that we have when you got to 11-under. Now that you're still in a position to win, how do you see it playing out? Especially with the fact that it is so wide open and anyone really has a chance, even if they don't shoot low.

NICK PRICE: Well, realistically, the guys who are 5-under and below are going to have to shoot an extremely low round tomorrow because there's four guys that aren't going to play -- not all of them are going to play poorly. One of them's going to shoot 68, 67 tomorrow, and that's probably middle ground. Maybe one of the guys will go up and shoot 64, 65, which really gives those guys at 5-under very little chance to win. But, you know, I've just got to take my game up a notch. Today was very scruffy, and I just didn't feel comfortable out there. I didn't hit the ball where I was aiming a lot of times. The first six or seven holes I played really well. Then I just started playing a little cautiously. I hit it in a divot on No. 8. I hit it over the back, and I was in one of those sandy divots and just had no shot whatsoever. So that kind of unsettled me a little bit.

Q. Q. What are the strengths of Tanaka's game?

NICK PRICE: His attitude. He's got a great attitude. I mean, he hits the ball very well. He hits it a long way. He hit some wonderful iron shots today, and he's putting very well. So... You know, he keeps his attitude up. He kept saying, "Ah, very nervous today." I said, "Well, you're not playing like someone who's nervous." He was playing like a veteran out there. But, I think, you know, the crowd really warmed to him today. And it's nice to see someone from Japan playing well out here.

Q. Q. This game sometimes can be sort of a grim business, guys going about it in sort of a very serious fashion. Do you feel like the game maybe could use a little bit more of what he brings out there?

NICK PRICE: Well, Maruyama and Tanaka both have got similar-type personalties. You know, I don't know, I'd love to be a comedian on the golf course, but I'm not very funny out there, you know? But you try and smile as often as you can. But they're doing a great job of doing it.

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