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September 3, 2005

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: Well, I didn't hit it well, I didn't putt well and I didn't chip well.

Q. Was the course playing tougher today?

TIGER WOODS: It was playing a little bit tougher. Some of the guys still shot good numbers. You could shoot a good number if you hit the ball well. A lot of the pins are in areas where if you pull up, you can hit the ball close and with good shaped shots, unfortunately I didn't hit the ball very good, so I wasn't in those positions and I didn't putt well, anyway.

I didn't control it. I could hit it left or right at any given time. It's tough to play when you're out there and you've got two ways going.

Thank God this is a tournament where we have a Monday finish. I've got two rounds ahead of me, so I'm still in the ballgame; I'm only five back. Hopefully tomorrow I can go ahead and post another low number like I did yesterday and climb back up there.

Q. Thoughts on what's happening down in Louisiana?

TIGER WOODS: Everybody is suffering, kids, the elderly, anyone who can't get in touch with their loved ones. It's very desperate down there. It's a tough situation for everyone. I'm not even involved in it, and I don't even have any family members down there. But to people who do, I don't know how you could go through that not knowing and then watching it from afar like we are, you feel helpless. You want to do something, but you just can't. Hopefully our armed services can help out in bridging the gap and making everyone feel safe and get things rolling in the right direction.

Q. How have were the crowds and have they grown louder over the years?

TIGER WOODS: Oh, they are definitely louder, there's no doubt about that and it has gotten bigger over the years. Probably not as big at '97, but they are certainly loud. Late in the afternoon, they are a little bit louder as they consume their beverages of choice throughout the day. But they are out here supporting our sport and we are getting fans that have never been into golf, so we are growing our fan base and that's more than we can ask.

Q. How were the speed of the greens today?

TIGER WOODS: They were a little faster, not a lot faster but some that you have to pay attention to a little bit. If you hit the ball in the bowls where some of the pins were, they were pretty flat, but if you have to putt tough over some knobs, they are pretty touch. You can see guys playing well are posting good numbers at 4 or 5 under par.

End of FastScripts.

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