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January 29, 2016

Gregory Havret

Doha, Qatar

Q. A windy old day today, 8-under and nicely praised?
GRĂƒâ€°GORY HAVRET: Yeah, three days under par in those conditions, probably the toughest day today I think. The wind switched slightly. Sometimes you expect a bit more help or a bit less help. A few mistakes and unfortunately a couple of 3-putts and unfortunately I missed that short one on the last hole, birdie. Otherwise, yeah, I'm quite pleased with this 2-under today. Yeah, anything red today is quite good, so 2-under, I'm very pleased.

Q. Essentially, a sweet finish, I know what happened at 18 but with the two previous holes as well?
GRĂƒâ€°GORY HAVRET: Yeah, definitely, I finished well. I had a good opportunity on 14. I missed it. I 3-putt 15. That's one of my two 3-putts and 16 and 17 were obviously well played and birdies there.

Would have been really good for me to finish with a four with the pin position on 18, but five is not bad and 8-under, definitely not bad, too, yeah.

Q. Still a lot of golf to be played, but do you fancy a good opportunity now?
GRĂƒâ€°GORY HAVRET: Yeah, we'll see. I mean, tomorrow is another day of golf. It's been 16 years now on Tour, so I know that anything can happen. Obviously on the good, too. I'll try to do my best and play shot after shot, as concentrated as I am since Wednesday. And then we'll see. But if I do well, if I play well, then why not, yeah, we'll see. But a good result would be to finish in the Top-10 would be already good. So we'll see after. If it could be better, why not.

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