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January 29, 2016

Paul Lawrie

Doha, Qatar

Q. What is most pleading about that round?
PAUL LAWRIE: It's obvious the wind was blowing out a little bit. Conditions were tough as you can see by the scoring, so to go around there and not have a bogey, a little bit frustrating for me. I hit a lot of good putts that didn't go in but you look at the board and you can see that you're still kind of doing well. So the kind of frustration goes away pretty quickly, but nice to end the day with a good putt.

Q. Well, talking about good putts, you've hit plenty this week; I hear that you had a little lesson earlier in the week. What was it, who gave it and has it helped?
PAUL LAWRIE: It has, yeah. We got on the putting green in Abu Dhabi on Saturday when I missed the cut, and I asked Marc Warren what he thought and he said it was a little too long and a little too slow needed to be a little shorter and a little quicker, get momentum in the stroke. And I've always struggled with that. I've always had a very long, kind of lazy kind of stroke. I'm trying to shorten it and it's quite to be fair. But I've hit a lot of putts and it feels comfortable.

Q. You said yesterday the key was not to get grumpy. How did you cope?
PAUL LAWRIE: Today wasn't quite so good -- but still okay, not horrendous. I had my moments, as you know, where it's not the best. But today was quite good, a little bit frustrated because I kind of felt as though I hit a lot of good putts that didn't go in today.

But there's lots of players doing that this week. The greens are good, but there's a lot of grain out there with the length, the height they have left them. But any time you go around a course like that 2-under par in tough conditions, you'll take it.

Q. Two-time winner of this event, does it give you an extra bit of confidence going into the final round with a chance to win again on this golf course?
PAUL LAWRIE: Well, it's just nice to know that you've been there, done it before a couple times on a golf course. I'm kind of reasonably good at when I've got to take a bit off a club, my swing has always been quite long and slow. I'm not a hitter; I'm a swinger. So when the conditions are like that, I can knock them in all day long.

Q. Satisfaction to come through a tough day like this in this kind of style?
PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, a little frustrated today on the middle of the round there. I kind of felt as though I hit an awful lot of good putts that go in, but I'm sure I'm not alone in that. It was nice to end the day on a positive note and hit a nice putt and it actually go in the right pace and kind of right side of the hole, which is what we're always kind of looking to do.

It was a tough day. The wind was blowing. You could tell by the scoreboard that nobody was really kind of -- it was hard to make birdies. So I got around there a bit frustrated, but 2-under, it's a good day.

Q. What are you telling yourself, par after par?
PAUL LAWRIE: Me being me, I'm thinking, there's a bogey coming. Obviously you want your next one to be a birdie but sometimes when you make that many, it goes the wrong way. But I kept plugging away, I kept going and my attitude was reasonable towards the end of the back nine.

I knew I was going to make a birdie at some point in time, I kind of hoped so. I knew 16 and 18 were playing downwind. So you've got to be patient and just kind of -- sometimes they don't go in, even though you're hitting good putts. Everyone's got that now and again.

Q. Might be a silly question because the wind has been challenging all week. What made today particularly tough?
PAUL LAWRIE: Probably wasn't any harder than it blew Wednesday afternoon to be fair. Pins were a little closer to the edges on a couple and the wind was a little bit of a different direction and a little stronger. So getting the ball close was quite difficult, which always tells with the scoring.

Q. Hugely exciting to have a victory chance like this and to lead into the final round?
PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, that's all you try to do. Every week that we play, your job is to get yourself in contention with nine holes to play and hopefully we can do that on the front nine tomorrow. There's a lot of good players obviously behind me. Branden Grace is obviously defending champion, won here before and well up the World Rankings. So tomorrow is going to be a different challenge but looking forward to it.

Q. You have been there many times before but hasn't happened for a little while. Does that make your approach any different?
PAUL LAWRIE: Not really, no. I had a couple Top 10s back-to-back last year at KLM and Denmark and really should have been higher up in both of them. I had a good chance to win both tournaments on the back nine. It's not as though it's been years, and hopefully I kind of get in there and hit the shots that I'm hitting and knock a few putts in and it all goes well.

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