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February 20, 2002

Nick Price


Q. Talk about your round, Nick.

NICK PRICE: Sure. It was a pretty tight match, even though, you know, all day he was 2-up after 7 and I gave him the sixth hole, I made bogey there, and he made birdie on 7, then I birdied 8 and he bogeyed 9; so we were kind of even, we were even on our match, but we were even because we both gave one hole to each other.

And then 10 and 11 I think was the turning point. I made birdie on 10. The momentum swung in my favor, and then 11 he 3-putted. Good, solid finish coming in. You know, I just kind of held my lead, and then on 15, I missed my second shot in the bunker to the left and hit a good bunker shot up about six feet and missed the putt. Then he won that hole.

Then I birdied 17. So it was a good day. I played really well. I felt like, you know, I probably played a little bit better than he did today, but I made a couple of nice putts. You know, it was close. The 17th hole could have gone either way, but I holed about a 15-, 16-footer for birdie.

Q. It looks like you are going to play Peter O'Malley.

NICK PRICE: Just shows you, match-play, you know, 18-hole match-play, I've always said, favors the underdog. You know, we kind of watched a little bit of Tiger today and it didn't look like he played very well, but that's neither here nor there. Peter O'Malley beat him today, and that's a great effort. You know, he's a good player. There's no doubt about it.

Like I say, 18-hole match-play, if you don't play very well and you play against someone, No. 1 player in the world and he doesn't play very well and he plays No. 64, 66 and he plays well, that's what happens in match-play.

Q. Will you prepare differently for Peter?

NICK PRICE: No. I'll just come and play my best. I've got a -- made a few mistakes that I'm going to try to work out on the practice tee and just see. Maybe I can tighten up my game a little bit, because obviously he's playing well. If you can play mistake-free in 18 holes, and not make a bogey, it puts a lot of pressure on your opponent. And today I made two bogeys, which tomorrow, I'd like to get rid of those and then make all of my birdies count.

You know, like I say, anything can happen in 18-hole match-play. But I'd rather play Peter than Tiger.

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