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January 27, 2016

Pablo Larrazabal

Doha, Qatar

Q. How happy are you with that performance today?
PABLO LARRAZ√ɬĀBAL: Very happy. I hit it very well, very solid round. I missed only one green on 13 with a great shot, so yeah, very happy.

Q. You're one of those players on Tour that if had to describe you, would say, he's really creative and not afraid to work the ball and hit all different types of shots. Is that a big advantage playing in conditions like we're seeing this week? It's going to be very windy, isn't it?
PABLO LARRAZ√ɬĀBAL: You know, you cannot control the conditions you're playing on, so you have to play like it is and enjoy it. Yeah, probably I'm a good player with the wind. I like to play it down. Yeah, I'm getting better without the wind, but I still play very well with the wind.

Q. Last year you did have that win again for the second time at the BMW but only one other Top-10; is gaining consistency, and today bogey-free, that sort of consistency, is that something that's high on your agenda for this season?
PABLO LARRAZ√ɬĀBAL: Last year I was playing very good in the middle of the season, and I had a big injury at The Open Championship, and after that, was very tough to keep the rhythm and to come back.

Yeah, the consistency of it is the way we want to work, and to start playing more rounds under par is the way to go.

Q. Are you very happy with this round today?
PABLO LARRAZ√ɬĀBAL: Yeah, very happy. As I said before, I hit it very well tee-to-green. 17 greens in regulation with these conditions is very good. I put myself in a lot of birdie chances and that was key. I mean, to have always a birdie putt is key in these conditions because you know with these kind of greens, you're not going to hole too many, but I holed seven, so very good.

Q. I appreciate the winds can get a lot stronger here, but was it still challenging out there?
PABLO LARRAZ√ɬĀBAL: Well, this golf course is always challenging, but wasn't that bad. The wind, it was 15 metres, 17 metres of wind. But yeah, it's always challenging with a little bit of wind on this golf course.

Q. Are you feeling the benefit of getting off to a good start in Abu Dhabi?
PABLO LARRAZ√ɬĀBAL: Yeah, I played very well last week. I did a few silly mistakes every day and that's why I didn't go lower. But yeah, I felt very well last week. I'm hitting the ball very well.

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