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January 27, 2016

Robert Rock

Doha, Qatar

Q. What are your feelings in windy conditions shooting a round of 68 today?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, I think it's getting a little bit stronger now than it was when we started off. It was pretty pleasant, really, starting at half six, not a soul around. It was quite good. Enjoyed it.

Q. I take it you're pretty happy with the form after Abu Dhabi?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, I've been playing -- I putted well in Abu Dhabi, which is nice. My swing didn't really feel very much in order, so I did a lot of work last week, a little bit of work yesterday and it was better today. So yeah, game is in good shape.

Q. Is it particularly nice to know that it's the start of 2016 and you're already up there contending?
ROBERT ROCK: That's the way my seasons go, really. I tend to play better early on. Not really sure why other than the courses, I do like some of them. But I may be put a bit more work in in December than I do later on in the year. The seasons do have this sort of pattern to them maybe the last five or six.

Q. So what's the work you've been putting in? You've been helping others a lot, but doing a lot for yourself I guess.
ROBERT ROCK: Managed to find something towards the end of last year with the putting, slightly improve the control of my speed, which is really important here. They were quick last week, but that's generally okay once you get used to that.

Here you have putts into grain uphill, unbelievable slope, and right at the end much the putt, the grain can change to down and downhill. So your touch needs to be pretty bang onto get it to die at the end of the grain. That's hard. So you need to be controlling that, and I'm a bit better with that than I was. Didn't leave myself too much hard work.

Q. Callum Shinkwin looked good; you had a front row seat for his front nine.
ROBERT ROCK: He's a good player. It's the first time I've played with him. Drives it fantastic. Beat me probably by 80 yards down the hole, which is a bit embarrassing. Yeah, I think he did nine holes in 30, is that correct? For a first go around here, that's pretty awesome.

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