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January 27, 2016

Kristoffer Broberg

Doha, Qatar

KRISTOFFER BROBERG: I played solid today. Hit a lot of greens and that's the main key out here today. It was pretty tough in the beginning, a lot of wind. But I like to play in the wind. We do it a lot in Sweden.

Q. Do you like that kind of challenge, because you've got to shape the shots a little bit.
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: My swing is like hitting a low shot, so I'm pleased when it's a lot of wind. Last week didn't hit the ball great. I'm very pleased with the start today. I putted okay today.

Q. Does that mean there's a nice development from Abu Dhabi through to Qatar?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course, but last week was really, really bad. My swing was not great. But this week, just working really hard on my game, so I'm very pleased with that minus five today.

Q. This is unlike you, isn't it, because EurAsia Cup two weeks ago, things were looking pretty good. It's unusual to go off the boil for Abu Dhabi.
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: I didn't play great at EurAsia Cup, either. It's just been a tough two weeks for me and now I'm just getting the swing in the right place. I'm just pleased to have a good score today.

Q. Was it fun playing alongside two other guys who shot exactly the same score as you?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: Yeah, we tied on the last but we played solid, our group, a lot of good shots out there. But we missed a lot of putts, as well.

Q. And Qatar as an environment, is this a good place to come at the start of the year?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: Yeah, I like this course. There's a lot of wind and it suits my game and I like to be here.

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