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January 27, 2016

Paul Lawrie

Doha, Qatar

Q. How happy are you with your 67 today?
PAUL LAWRIE: Very happy. It was obviously quite tough this afternoon. Wind was blowing. Got off to a terrible start. 3-putted the first from sort of about 15 feet. Been out here a long time, so you put these things behind you pretty quickly. Played nicely. Hit a lot of good shots and holed a few putts. It adds up to 5-under.

Q. You don't like to own up to the fact that you are an expert in bad conditions, and the wind is blowing today. What is it about your golf game that really suits it when the weather gets like this?
PAUL LAWRIE: I'm happy knocking it down. I'm happy hitting 5-iron 160 yards into kind of a strong breeze. Always been able to do, stick the ball a bit further back in the stance and take a bit of speed off it. It's not rocket science, so I kind of quite enjoy doing that. Quite enjoy maneuvering the ball and kind of shaping the ball. So when it's like this, sometimes, I kind of get a bit out of it.

Q. This is a place you've won twice. What is it you love about coming back here? Is it an opportunity to build some much-needed confidence for you?
PAUL LAWRIE: Exactly what I said there. You've got to shape the ball around here. The pins are sometimes quite tight. The greens are kind of pretty firm. You've got to be able to control the flight of your ball really well around here, which I've always been able to do. It's not something that I've ever really worked on. Like I say, knocking it down, I've always been quite comfortable doing that, and if there's any course you need to do that, it's here.

Q. What is it about Qatar that brings out the best in you?
PAUL LAWRIE: Always enjoy it, obviously had a lot of good rounds here, a lot of success, won twice, and had quite a few good weeks here over the years. I've always been pretty comfortable knocking the ball down. Always been a pretty good wind player, which it normally blows around here this afternoon. It's obviously a little tougher than this morning. Got to roll the sleeves up and get your ball around in as low a number as you can. Sometimes I'm pretty good at that.

Q. Does it become almost a muscle memory just turning back here, you know automatically how to do things?
PAUL LAWRIE: It's not changed much over here to be fair. It's always been kind of the same kind of way. The scoring has always been pretty good, even though the conditions are always pretty tough, because the course is always in great condition.

I'm not saying that you're guaranteed to do well tomorrow if it's blowing; it's not like that. It's still pretty tough and there's a lot of good players here. But I always feel kind of pretty comfortable when it's blowing a wee bit.

Q. The challenge today, wind didn't seem to pick up as badly as we thought it might, but there were moments it was gusting.
PAUL LAWRIE: Wasn't easy out there. Kind of a few pins were tucked away and getting close to them wasn't easy. But I'm obviously very happy with 5-under this afternoon. It's a good score. We'll take four of those right now.

Q. Have you felt there's a decent progress in your game?
PAUL LAWRIE: I played nicely in the Joburg Open, and last week I was terrible. Drove the ball really poorly and really struggled last week. I feel as though I'm not far away and hopefully this afternoon is a little bit of a boost that we need to kick on and have a good week.

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