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January 24, 2016

Branden Grace

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Q. A lot of stop, start this week. How difficult has that made it for everyone?
BRANDEN GRACE: Yeah, definitely. Obviously I would have preferred to carry on yesterday in the form that I was going, but just part of the game. At the SA Open we had it every day so it feels a little bit the same. That birdie on the last really helped it. So got in a good frame of mind heading into this afternoon.

Q. You said to me the other day that you, in spite of all these Top 10s, three to start the season, you haven't been 100 percent happy with your game. Do you feel like you've made massive progress?
BRANDEN GRACE: I have. Obviously the second round was a little bit different to the first but then yesterday and this morning was a lot better and pretty similar to the first round. I think it's heading in the right direction. The ball-striking is getting there. The putting has been the one thing that's really been keeping me up there. If I can get it around and make a couple of putts, you never know how it's going to finish off this week.

Q. And just finally on the golf course, because we are expecting really low scoring, the greens are going to be perfect this morning, but how much of a difference does the wet rough make?
BRANDEN GRACE: It is. This wet rough is thick, man. I hit in 17, I wasn't in the rough, I think I was in the second cut. It was brutal. Couldn't get an 8-iron out of there. The greens are actually so good this morning and a lot quicker than what we thought; I think it must be running close to 14, 14 1/2. It's really pure.

I've seen a couple of times on the score boards, guys 3-putting, obviously not adapting to the speed of the greens as quickly as we should. The course is in great nick so I think we are in for a thrilling Sunday afternoon.

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