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January 24, 2016

Thomas Pieters

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Q. 2-under through two rounds but 64 in round three, what was the difference there?
THOMAS PIETERS: Definitely my driving. I struggled off the tee my first round, didn't hit many fairways. Pete and I worked on the range on Friday night and I solved it a little bit.

Q. I think 22 putts today. That's got to help the scoring, doesn't it?
THOMAS PIETERS: Yeah, chipped in once and could have been twice on 17, or on 8. But yeah, rolling it well, so just excited for this afternoon.

Q. You're going to have a little bit of a wait now, aren't you, because finishing where you are with the re-draw and what-have-you, a bit of time; what are you going to do with that time?
THOMAS PIETERS: It means I get to work on the range. It's only going to make me better.

Q. Four 2s in your round today; can you remember that happening before on Tour?
THOMAS PIETERS: No, I don't think so.

Q. After the restart, pretty close one straightaway?
THOMAS PIETERS: Yeah, it went like an inch or something. Not a bad way to start.

Q. Excited about the position you're in, as well?
THOMAS PIETERS: Yeah, I gave myself a /KHAPBLGS. I didn't think I really had much of a chance, 2-under. But 8-under always helps. Just excited about this afternoon.

Q. And those victories last year, do you feel more comfortable being in this position and challenging at the top?
THOMAS PIETERS: Yeah, I mean, I expect to be somewhat close to the lead on a Sunday almost every time I play. I feel like I'm good enough. Just got to prove it now.

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