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January 24, 2016

Byeong-Hun An

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Q. Can you talk me through that round a little bit, or the conclusion of that round?
BYEONG HUN AN: It was steady. I made some good par putts. Made some good two putts. Made some good birdies. Made some good putts. Overall it was a good round.

Q. You've put yourself right into the mix now going into the final round. Are you kind of looking forward to that?
BYEONG HUN AN: Yes, one more round, and I'm hitting it well, but it could change, any of the holes, just get the momentum going. Still a couple back. Yeah, just going to try my best and see where I finish.

Q. Is this your first appearance of the year?
BYEONG HUN AN: I played the EurAsia Cup last week. This is full stroke-play.

Q. So coming out of the EurAsia, obviously a big defeat.
BYEONG HUN AN: Yeah, but I was playing well. I hit it great. Just got unlucky. Danny played great and foursome match didn't go very well. I played great overall to be honest. I think it was a great start of the year to be honest.

Q. Looking forward to this year, the season, and after obviously putting your name in the winner's list last year?
BYEONG HUN AN: Yeah, it's going to be -- well, can't expect anything. Could be worse than last year. Could be better than last year, who knows. But I'll definitely try my best every event, try and get a win, wherever I finish end of the year.

Q. What did you learn last year after the BMW?
BYEONG HUN AN: Well, stay patient and gave me a lot of confidence that I feel like I can compete the best players in the world, especially the last four events. Gave me a lot of confidence that, okay, I can do this, as long as I play my game.

Q. Looking forward to the final round?
BYEONG HUN AN: Well, sure. This afternoon, yes, it will be nice.

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