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January 24, 2016

Thomas Pieters

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

THOMAS PIETERS: A little bit disappointed. Played pretty good today. Doesn't get much better: Perfect weather, good company. Just looking forward to next week now.

Q. And it was very nearly a perfect third round, and the upshot of that being in contention throughout the day, that was a thrill, wasn't it?
THOMAS PIETERS: Yeah, I hit it really well. Drove it a little bit better this weekend, so going to give myself plenty of chances and could have dropped a couple more putts, but that's how it goes.

Q. And what is your story of how you've developed across the course of the week, because you really did seem to move at just the right time.
THOMAS PIETERS: Yeah, I did a lot of work Friday night with my coach, Pete Cowen, just trying to find some more fairways, because I wasn't really finding any fairways. Just finding fairways and working on the swing a little bit and gave myself more chances on the fairway.

Q. And knowledge of playing nicely in this championship last year?
THOMAS PIETERS: Yeah, good memories, good vibe, good weather, it's all good.

Q. How was winter for you?
THOMAS PIETERS: Very good, some time off and I was really hungry to come off. Did some good practice last week in Dubai, so, yeah, just ready for the season.

Q. Given the victories last season, do you actually, therefore, approach this year with different targets, different aims, different resolutions?
THOMAS PIETERS: Not really. I like to play majors and all that stuff, but that just comes whenever. I'm not in a rush. If I keep playing like this, then hopefully I'll be able to play in some.

Q. Am I right in thinking, that keep playing like this, in this kind of situation, you're bound to learn again from the experience?
THOMAS PIETERS: Yeah, I didn't do much wrong today. Maybe stay a little bit calmer, but I think I did. Next time maybe some more putts drop, that's it.

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