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January 23, 2016

David Howell

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Q. What's your take on 7-under after two days here, three days here?
DAVID HOWELL: Well, delighted. I've had sort of a mixed affair with this tournament over the years. Came close to winning once and sort of messed it up and I had a few years where I had a real struggle, as well. Went down to South Africa for two weeks to sort of prepare to try to come in here in some form and so far, so good. That seems to be panning out.

Q. After the delays, it's kind of nice to come back and sink a good putt for a birdie, isn't it?
DAVID HOWELL: It was, yeah. I was disappointed with my wedge shot, actually. I putted poorly in this round in general and lo and behold, 24 hours of rest, or a night's sleep I should say, and the first putt of any significance went in, so that was nice.

Q. Is it helpful having a base out here, and hence the preparations and knowledge of this part of the world?
DAVID HOWELL: No. I didn't touch a club for six weeks. I literally didn't. I probably did less practise than the guys stuck back in cold, rainy Britain I guess. But I've had a lovely down time with the family. Generally didn't do any practise whatsoever and really used South Africa to, as I say, prepare for this. Yeah, feeling quite pleased about that plan at the moment.

Q. Perhaps an unusual thing because so many players are coming here just to prepare, but it was in your thoughts just to have a good bit of downtime, was it?
DAVID HOWELL: Yeah, pretty much. Now I'm a father of three small kids, so it's all hands on deck in our household and that's a lot of fun to be doing that. Yeah, I think you need to, I'm 40 now, you need to pick your breaks. You play all year round if you wish and I think when you get a chance, you've got to take it, and obviously try and prepare properly for the tournaments that come up quickly. But so far, so good, and looking forward to a great final day here, or final two days.

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