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September 24, 2005

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: Starting out didn't do much in the middle of the round and Jim held us in there and all of a sudden I made a nice little bomb there on 16 which is nice.

Q. Captain Jack Nicklaus made a point to come up to you after you finished 18; what did he say?

TIGER WOODS: Good match. He blamed it on Sluy for the for the horn.

Q. How tired are you?

TIGER WOODS: I'm a little tired, 36 today. Can't wait to get something to eat. I'm starting right now.

Q. Do you have a choice going out tomorrow, middle, last, or it doesn't matter?

TIGER WOODS: It doesn't matter right now because of the fact it's so close, I think we're tied. Anything could happen.

Looks like it could probably go down to the very last few matches. We'll see what happens and what Jack wants to do.

End of FastScripts.

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