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January 21, 2016

Thomas Bjorn

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Q. The hole-in-one, talk us through that?
THOMAS BJÖRN: It was nice after I triple-bogeyed. Kept the mood going. Yeah, obviously hit a good shot and went in. And nobody -- there was one person clapping around the green, and it didn't sound like it was something really good happening. So we didn't actually know until we got to the hole. Yeah, a fun one. Yeah, it's nice.

Q. But did it lift the mood and is that what led to a nice number of birdies on the way home?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Yeah, I played really poor the first five holes and then kind of steadied the ship a bit. Then had some really good chances, 1 through 4 and didn't hole any of them. Hit a wonderful 5-iron into 5 and from there I just started hit something really good shots, hitting fairways and hitting it close and rolling in a few.

So, yeah, it was a really nice finish, 4-under the last five, to finish the day off. So yeah, what was looking like a poor start to the year turned into a pretty good round. Good start.

Q. I take it you're never entirely sure how a year is going to begin after having a little time off. So is this hugely satisfying to shoot a good score?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Yeah, if breaks keep going the way they did today, it will be a good year.

I've been away from the game quite a bit. I needed away from it after last season. I was banging my head a little bit against the wall. It was a tough year, but now come out, a bit fresh in the mind, and looking at opportunities and new things ahead.

So, yeah, it's been nice to be away and looking forward.

Q. Does that mean you set new targets with this refreshed mind?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Well, I'm getting to an age where the target is just to go out and enjoy playing golf and trying to get the most out of it. To try and push for too many big things, I think is asking too much of yourself. Enjoy playing the game and you never know. I feel like I'm in a decent place with everything, and I'm starting to swing the club better and feeling more comfortable with things. And then you never know, get a couple of times get in there and get chances of winning golf tournaments, that's what we play for, and if I get that kind of momentum going, you never know. Just happy to be out in the sun and enjoy playing golf again.

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