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January 21, 2016

Andy Sullivan

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Q. How satisfied are you being error-free?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Massively. I think it's a tough course to come to and minimise your errors. You hit off the tee there and you have to wedge it close to make a par. For me to go bogey-free today was massive. I felt I shook a lot of the rust off from South Africa last week, and game is just starting to get a little bit better. So really happy with that start and where we stand in the tournament.

Q. I think this part of the season is always popular with all the players, but being a Ryder Cup year, how important is it to get off to a fast start?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Massive. I think after last week, just having a little taste of it in the EurAsia Cup, I think it really gave the boys that played just a sense of knuckle down here. We've got a real good chance and let's try and make hay. For me I was very excited to get to this week after last week and hopefully just try to use that for momentum for the whole season.

Q. You played alongside Darren today, as well, three for three last week, a great performance. What was the atmosphere like? Tell us a bit about it.
ANDY SULLIVAN: It was unbelievable, even on the Monday when we turned up, the team atmosphere was incredible. The banter flying around in the team room was unbelievable. I had that feeling it was going to be a good week.

When we got a big lead, as well, you could sense the determination that we really wanted to put a marker down for Darren saying the younger lads here, we are here and we do want to play Ryder Cup and try and take note. It was massive and obviously it was just a fantastic score in the end and brilliant.

Q. Playing alongside Darren today, would it be fair to say -- I know you're an honest bloke, would it be fair to say it's a bit more nerve-wracking playing alongside the skipper trying to impress him?
ANDY SULLIVAN: I don't know, really. I found it quite good today. He was just bantering all the way around. To be fair, most of the time, he gives me a bit of a crap all the way around to be fair, so today was no different really.

He was getting a bit frustrated that his putts kept lipping out more than going in. I think I have a good relationship with Darren and I don't see him as a captain; I see him as a good friend, as well. Had a good laugh out there and hopefully again tomorrow.

Buzzing, really happy with that. It's tough to go around here bogey-free with the rough being up so high. You hit in that rough and you really are struggling to save your par. Bogey-free, very satisfying, and more satisfying after South Africa, shook off the rust and got started off on a good note now.

Q. I appreciate this is a different style of course to the Earth Course, but I take it it's good to be back in this part of the world?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, definitely. Brings back good memories. Obviously played Desert Classic well and last year, DP World. So it's nice to get back out here and see some friendly faces again and get back into the same vein of form that I left it in DP World.

Q. There were lots of friendly faces in Malaysia last week, including the captain, Darren Clarke, and you played alongside. Are you still impressing; you've got to know him a bit.
ANDY SULLIVAN: You know, I think my relationship with Darren is pretty good. I don't see him as a captain; I see him as a friend, as well. Even before last week, he knew what I was capable of. I don't think he needs to see anymore to be honest.

I think it's just all about me getting into that team now and try to cause him problems who he's going to pick. Hopefully come September, I don't have to have that phone call where he's saying, you're not in. But hopefully give him the problem of having that problem.

Q. Does it add to the buzz, though, playing alongside him?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Last week was a massive buzz. It gave us a real taste of things to come. Obviously it will be amped up tenfold come September. So for me, coming in, I felt really keen and get off to a good start, trying to get in that Ryder Cup. So for me, hopefully long may it continue, try to get the momentum to push on into the season.

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