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September 20, 1998

Helen Alfredsson


Q. What did you say to yourself when you found out you were going to be facing Inkster, one of the best match players in the history of the game?

HELEN ALFREDSSON: She is one of my good friends, too, and that makes it even sweeter, you know. No matter who I was going to play or anybody, you know, we didn't have much choice here. We just went out and -- want to go out and try to pick as many points as possible.

Q. How key was the 9th hole today? It looked like you would lose it and instead you won it?

HELEN ALFREDSSON: It's so typical in match-play. You know, you're looking at your ball and then she makes a mistake and, on top of that, I should have been 3-up. Basically, I lost 1-1. It's typical match-play. And I think this experience is just learning how to deal with it and know that's going to come.

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