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January 17, 2016

Kristoffer Broberg

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Q. What's the story as far as you're concerned over a very handsome score line here?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: It's pretty good. We had strong guys in front, Poulter, Willett and Sullivan and Fitzpatrick. So it looks pretty good. I looked at the board a few times and it looks pretty good in the beginning. But I stick to my game plan today. I played really good today, so it's good to win by 5 & 4.

Q. Have you enjoyed team golf?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: Yeah, a lot of fun. A lot of fun out there, and really much fun in the evening with the team and ping-pong, good laugh.

Q. You wouldn't necessarily have known what to expect, so how was it from your first steps into Kuala Lumpur and the way you've maneuvered through the days of competition?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: It's pretty tough to, you don't know everybody, but now at the end of the week, you're like friends to everybody. It's good fun, and I found some new friends here this week.

Q. That's good personally, as well, going forward, because it can be a lonely out there in an individual sport.
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: Of course, but I've got a lot of Swedes when we play on the main tour. This is different. There's no Swedes here. Can you not talk to no one. But I have some new friends from this week so I'm very happy.

Q. Does this give you an appetite for the autumn and Hazeltine?
KRISTOFFER BROBERG: Yeah, of course, I hope so. But I need to step up my game a little to get there.

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