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January 16, 2016

Sania Mirza

Martina Hingis

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


1-6, 7-5, 10-5

Q. So can you tell me about today's match.
MARTINA HINGIS: No, it was definitely a great test. I think even bigger than we had yesterday in the semifinals against a great new team.

You know, they played first time together this week. I think we're going to see a lot more of them. We had to just try our chances when you don't see much light in a dark tunnel.

Then we had one or two good opportunities here and there and just stayed with them. Just like one little chance and we were able to turn it around ans started playing our game. They slow down a millimeter.

I think this is what, again, makes us win these tournaments. Just keeping that streak alive, definitely.

SANIA MIRZA: Yeah, I mean, same. I think from 5-2 like the only thing you can say to each other, what we said, it was one break. That's the only positive really what you can find from that.

So just like let's try and give ourselves another chance. Hold here on her serve to go 5-3 and give ourselves another chance, and that's we did. We had a huge game at 5-3, and, yeah, suddenly the momentum fell in our favor.

We did well. Kind of turned around after the rain delay as well. Not a very timely one for us. We came out and didn't miss a return. I think that's our biggest strength and we did it well. Happy to win another tournament.

Q. Can you make a comment on become co-No. 1 in the world on Monday?
MARTINA HINGIS: I think it's another chapter in my career definitely. When first Sania became No. 1 in Charleston that was a huge steppingstone for her. Now for me, 16 years later, who would've thought I would have another opportunity to become No. 1 again. Of course I had my hopes and dreams. Now it's reality.

For a long time I felt like we were already the No. 1 team. It was just a question of time for it to happen. Now it is here, so on Monday it's nice to have that No. 1 again.

SANIA MIRZA: Ditto. (Laughter.)

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