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January 16, 2016

Jeff Overton

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. You want to not focus on the last hole and just focus on the 17 that you had before it?
JEFF OVERTON: I mean, it was an awesome day. It could have been really good. I just left a few out there, but it was fun. Hitting it good and making some putts. If I get them to the hole, it seemed like a lot of them were going in, just having some fun so far. Just got to keep it going and finish off a round, get the par-5s when you're in the middle of the fairway.

Q. You birdied 10, and then from 11 through 15, did you have pretty good chances?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, I had it roll over the edge a couple times from that 12-foot area. I had a good save for par on the hard par-4 that's kind of -- 13 or 12. I don't know what hole that is, 12 or 13. But other than that, yeah, had some good looks. Just didn't get the putts to the hole.

Made a good birdie on 16, got kind of lucky with where that drive went, and hit an awesome shot on 17 and just misplayed the grain a little there. They're a little grain year this year than I remember them being. Just got to be real disciplined and make sure you pay attention to it a little more.

Q. Now, on 18 were you in the fairway down there?

Q. And what did you decide to hit?
JEFF OVERTON: I tried to run in a 2-iron rather than -- I knew better. I told Kip that I should just try and hit a big slice 3-wood because the only place you can't hit it is that left bunker, then hit it in there, and catch it up on the face of that thing like that, I had no sand underneath the ball, and it just took off like a rocket.

Q. To me if you got a bad break, it was after it bounced off the railing. You were pretty buried down there. You didn't have much of a lie, did you?
JEFF OVERTON: I mean, it was okay. I just didn't accelerate through the chip. It was just one of those things you've got to listen to your instinct, and should have just hit that big, high cut. You can hit it anywhere within a 70-yard gap up there, and you have the easiest up-and-down in the world, and if the ball lands on the green it's going to stop because the greens are soft and the grain is into you. But whatever, we didn't do it, and tomorrow is another day.

Q. How long was the wait between 9 and 10?
JEFF OVERTON: It actually wasn't too bad. It was probably longer on No. 18 today than it was on 10. We got there and they were just teeing off. It was nice, sat down, had a little sandwich, and got back up and moving again.

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