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January 16, 2016

Shane Lowry

Andy Sullivan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Q. Your verdict on another impressive win, two days in a row now.
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, we struggled early doors, but really grinded out well and kept it in there. Felt like 9 was pivotal for us. Played great that front nine, managed to come out all-square and the back nine we come out firing and started to hole some putts and started to really grow into the game. I felt like we were growing in the game as the match was going on.

Q. You both said how you dovetailed so well in the fourballs in the first day, different discipline, but still the same kind of result.
SHANE LOWRY: Today for me it was try to get Sully on the greens and I knew he was going to give it a go from there. Sully was great today. He played great. He putted great. I didn't hole as many putts as I would have liked but it was nice to roll that one in for the win in the end and great to get another point, two out of two for us, another point on the board for Europe and hopefully another good day for the lads.

Q. There was a sea of red for a while and it's nicely blue once again.
ANDY SULLIVAN: Shane come out with a great comment on 4. He said, just stay patient, our game will come through and we'll get the result. It has done. I think the boys have shown their grit out there and shows how much they want to win this.

Q. Two points out of two, you're becoming a bit of a combination here.
SHANE LOWRY: Well, yeah, you know, we were told early on in the week that we were playing together, and a bit of a surprise, I'm not going to lie. But I knew Andy is a good lad and I knew I was going to get on well with him. We have very similar personalities. He was great today again. We managed to get another point which is great.

Q. Is this similar personality an important thing in team golf?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, for sure. Obviously the better you get on out there, it's easier for to you make decisions and stuff like that. I think a couple of times today, I pulled Shane in and Shane pulled me in on putts. I think that just shows in the short space of time the level of trust has grown between us. We really grinded hard that front nine and managed to turn that match around.

Q. Poulter and Willett had a flying start but the rest of the team were struggling early on?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah there, was a lot of red early on, but I said to Andy on the fourth tee, I said, you know what, if we just stay patient, we're good enough to win this. We're good enough to win this if we all stay patient and play as good as we can. Nice to get another point, and hopefully the lads that are down are going to fight back and keep the matches alive as long as they can and get a point or a half point.

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