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January 16, 2016

Danny Chia

Nicholas Fung

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Q. How good is it to get something out of a hard-fought match?
DANNY CHIA: It's a good feeling but it's a bit of disappointment, as well. We hit some bad shots today, but again, still getting a half-point, so there's nothing much we can do but I'm still quite happy with how my partnership with Nicholas been the last two days, yeah.

Q. Is it harder to take when you've got the euphoria of 16 and then you come down the last two holes?
NICHOLAS FUNG: Well, I got a great putt on 16. But I missed a short putt on 17. I was a bit nervous. It's the first time so many people watching us on the last few holes, so maybe a bit nervous, even though I come back to the 18th hole.

Q. You wouldn't have faced this kind of environment in other times?
DANNY CHIA: It's a bit different. We're playing for our team, our nation. We are playing for Asia. I think the pressure is a bit different, I mean, compared to when we play tournament, we play for ourselves. It's slightly different.

Q. When you look at the board, I appreciate it's very much in favor of blue, but your half-point, like on the first day, that would be vital, particularly bearing in mind what happened two years ago.
NICHOLAS FUNG: Yeah, look at the result, but I know today, Europe won four majors, and we still got a another day for singles. So anything's possible. Maybe our Asia can win all the majors. We do our best for tomorrow.

Q. Remaining positive?
DANNY CHIA: Absolutely. In fact, I actually learned quite a few things about myself these two days. I'm actually very happy about it, yeah.

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