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January 15, 2016

Nicholas Fung

Danny Chia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Q. That was a real battle, I think you quite enjoyed the EurAsia Cup.
NICHOLAS FUNG: It was good. We struggled on the front nine and we managed to get more birdies on the back nine. I think the main turning point is from the 13th hole, I make the long putt, giving them a tough match until the last hole. Also the 17th, I chipped in from the outside.

Q. That was extraordinary. It was a pretty extraordinary up-and-down on the 18th from you and looked as if you were in trouble.
DANNY CHIA: Yeah, I am. I made a mistake on my second shot by going for the pin but I hit a good shot in the wind. I thought the wind going to take it to the left, but nevertheless, very happy with the way I finish.

Q. It's a half-point but in a way, it must almost feel like a win for you.
DANNY CHIA: Definitely. It's the first time for me in the EurAsia Cup. I really don't know what to expect. I'm quite nervous out there today to be honest, but I think I held it together.

Q. Were you guys monitoring the leaderboard out there?
DANNY CHIA: Yeah, very much. At one stage, we see it was all blue, but again, we just try to focus very much on our match. I think today, me and Nicholas, our partnership was great. We were kind of in and out, in and out. So it was great, yeah.

Q. Talk us through the 17th, the chip-in birdie. What was going through your mind? How much pressure did you have?
NICHOLAS FUNG: Honestly at first, I'm thinking to take out my putter and 2-putt after the way I played the last hole. But he chip it in, so I just tell my partner that I have nothing to lose, so I have to chip. It was a better chance because there was some fringe and there was some slope. So I managed to chip it in. Yeah, that's very good and very lucky to play until the last hole, and also, I played better on the last hole, and thanks to my partner, up-and-down. A good up-and-down from there. I know it's a very tough lie from there.

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