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January 14, 2016

Martina Hingis

Sania Mirza

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


4-6, 6-3, 10-8

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. The super tiebreakers, quite nerve wracking. Given all the things that you've played in the past you still get a bit of nerves?
MARTINA HINGIS: Yeah, of course. It's a good tension also because it's good to have a test like this against two top players like today before going into a Grand Slam.

Last week we played really good. No, so it's interesting, yeah. Gives us a little bit of a push to always be awake. That's a good one.

Also today I think the weather helped a little bit. We just calm ourselves down and just regroup and come out and do our job.

Q. Just being back on tour and being part of the doubles tour and having had all this success, can you put into words how much you're enjoying the whole thing?
MARTINA HINGIS: Well, I think this is something that I dreamed about and I was hoping for. I can only say it over and over again: It's something that it's a priority also. When I was playing singles, singles was priority. I became No. 1 there. Also simultaneously I was No. 1 in both.

Now I put 100% or 120% into this, and I think I that's what makes us this great doubles. The chemistry is amazing like today also. We don't always play super tennis, but we come out and find a solution. I think that's what makes us right now the best doubles in the world.

Q. Most consecutive wins now. How are you feeling about that?
SANIA MIRZA: In 20 years, right? Yeah. I think so, yeah. No, I mean, it feels like it's been a long times since we lost, obviously. It's kind of spoiling us a little bit, because every time we're in a position to lose we get so annoyed because we're obviously not used to it. Which is normal.

But having said that though, every time we come out -- I mean, the today the girls we were playing, they were playing probably the best I've seen them play. Slava has won slams, before Olaru was playing really well. We had to really put everything that we had and really come out with our A Game when we needed to, especially in that supertiebreak.

It's not like because we been winning so much we take it for granted really. We try every time. We're the hunted. Everyone plays their best against us, and we have to keep playing our best as well to win.

I'm glad we could do if 29 times. Hopefully we can do 30th tomorrow.

Q. With the rain delay, did you talk much tactics or were you kind of staying relaxed and keeping your minds off the game?
SANIA MIRZA: Actually we didn't talk to each other. We didn't, right? I don't think we did. We spoke to our team separately, but not to each other. (Laughter.)

MARTINA HINGIS: I was in my corner like just trying to cool off. Was a little bit hot out there.

SANIA MIRZA: No, we didn't talk to each other. Just when we came on court we said like couple things to each other. That's really how we function. We've played enough tennis all our lives. We just have to kind of know what we had to do.

We weren't playing our best and they were. That's the reason we were down. It was pretty simple. We needed to simplify things. That's why we said just try and get our attitudes better. We can't always play the best. Stay positive and break right away. That's what we did.

I think it was huge to come out to break her first game to get back to 2-All. From there we felt like we were the better team.

MARTINA HINGIS: We obviously don't need much talking anymore. There are some key words, but never the same. Sometime changes things and it like sometimes doesn't even have anything to do with the match or strategy. It's like is something else.

Q. You're smiling always during your match. You can see you're both having fun. Do you really enjoy playing together?
MARTINA HINGIS: Obviously we know what we can do. Our best shots, our best things, they're not happening, we're like, Okay, I got one in now. I got one here. We're scrambling it all together, but it was...

SANIA MIRZA: I think the best thing about our team is that even when we're not playing our best we try and find the way, which we tried to do today. We haven't played the best, perfect 100% tennis the last 29 matches. It's not like that. Nobody can. But you find a way.

So both of us, I mean, one of us helps each other out all will time, and that's really how we play. We try and enjoy it. I mean, even the times we want to break a racquet you try and smile it off. That's just how you have to move on. If you win, great; if you don't win, you try and many come back next tournament.

Q. The mixed combination and Roger in Rio, is that confirmed?
MARTINA HINGIS: It was confirmed.

Q. Is that confirmed?
MARTINA HINGIS: Yes. During the exhibition he confirmed it. I asked the...

Q. (Indiscernible.)
MARTINA HINGIS: No, I had the luxury of having two partners, two options. Yeah, for a small country like us, definitely we have five top players out there. It's pretty nice to have these options.

Q. Noticed you out there watching Bencic couple days ago. How do you see her form?
MARTINA HINGIS: Well, I think my mom has been helping her for the last ten years, and I try to help her out when we're at the same tournaments. Sometimes we practice. Mainly when I get the chance I also watch her matches, prepare her for it strategically, and all that.

I think just being there, it's like sometimes you have the eye contact, and she trusts me and I know what she can do. Yesterday she definitely had one of these matches that she needed to pull it out. Had an easy first set, and then Makarova came out and started playing her game and being more aggressive.

She had to just come through and pull it out. I think those are the key moments that sometimes that one person can help you just like believe in you. Doesn't need words. That's what we have also together. Just belief in our abilities when we need it. We know when it matters, and just do what needs to be done.

Q. She is such a young person and she has a real refreshing sense. She seems relaxed.
MARTINA HINGIS: She's quite emotional, so...

Q. But comfortable in herself.
MARTINA HINGIS: Well, I think she's been handling herself pretty well. Sometimes you still need to calm her down when she gets too emotional. I think that's something she'll get better at and she needs to learn with these things.

I think definitely she's got a bright future.

Q. And obviously everyone has been talking about this since Toronto, how do you see her form as coming along since then?
MARTINA HINGIS: We're not here to talk about Belinda. You already asked two, three questions.

THE MODERATOR: Questions about the match.

Q. You've been about asked this a lot, but have you had any kind of itch to have one more crack at singles the last few years?
MARTINA HINGIS: No. I've been asked this question a million times over the last year. I think like I would not want to put this on the spotlight to not be tired. I played actually couple matches in Fed Cup, and the next event didn't turn out that great. (Smiling.) So I don't want to do that mistake ever again.

I just keep that aside. I prefer winning doubles tournaments with Sania. I think we have a great shot at that, which we've proved so far.

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