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January 14, 2016

Nicholas Fung

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Q. You're playing with your mentor, what do you think?
NICHOLAS FUNG: Yeah, it's good to put me on the third match and playing with Victor and Søren. I know Victor. We have a good match because Danny hits long, yeah.

Q. How do you think you complement each other's games?
NICHOLAS FUNG: Actually, it's good for us to partner together because we know each other's games, we know each other's mistakes. So as I say, he's my mentor, so whenever I have low confidence, he always will be there to guide me how to play.

Q. It's sort of no surprises?
NICHOLAS FUNG: No surprise.

Q. You've played before in the EurAsia Cup, this is your second time. How much of the experience do you think will help new tomorrow's first match?
NICHOLAS FUNG: Yeah, for the fourball, we play our own game, so I think we just need to get as much birdies as we can.

So I talk to Danny, if we can play 13 birdie, definitely we can win, 13 birdies for both of us. Cannot be more than 13 birdies, so if they can play more than 13 birdies, means they win. It's not easy. Some of the greens, it's not easy to make birdie, so me and Danny got a home advantage, so we know the greens better than them.

That's why we're planning to just try to hit more on the greens first. We don't need to hit long from the tee. Make sure to putt the ball on the fairway because the green is firm. Try to hit on the green all the time because we know the greens well. Doesn't matter, we hit the ball 20 feet, 30 feet, we can make the putt.

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