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January 13, 2016

John Smoltz


Q. You're one of the favorites of this event. Besides you, of course‑‑
JOHN SMOLTZ: Mark Mulder.

Q. And why?
JOHN SMOLTZ: He's just so long. I mean, he's got every facet of his game in this golf course. He's going to overpower it.

Q. Is he?
JOHN SMOLTZ: I'm not going to overpower it.

Q. You hit it pretty far.
JOHN SMOLTZ: I'm a little banged up.

Q. Too many interviews?
JOHN SMOLTZ: No. My back has gone out, but I'm 4 under today with a bad back. But he was 8 under yesterday going into like the last two holes. I would say him.
And the field this year will be as strong as we've seen because there are more long ball hitters that can play now because they can't play in Tahoe because of the season.
So there's going to be a bunch‑‑ I'm telling you right now, his par will be 66 each day. Watch. That's strong. I mean, 66, 67. There's going to be a lot of them.

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