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January 10, 2016

Roger Federer

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

M. RAONIC/R. Federer

6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
ROGER FEDERER: Tough to say. Yeah, I mean, I definitely didn't play my best, because when you play a big sever first you focus on your own game, and then see what you can do on his game.

Both sides were not really happening. I was struggling on the serve. Quite inconsistent. Kind of felt like that throughout the week, which is also somewhat normal.

And then from the baseline, defense was never quite there throughout the week as well. I had better moments for sure, but today when it mattered I couldn't rely on it very much.

Plus he's a good aggressive player. It was just not happening. It was a tough match for me throughout. Yeah, I mean, he definitely served big. He;s not going to give me that many opportunities. I thought he played okay. I don't know how well it is. He can talk about that.

Yeah, still, considering the week I've had, I'm actually quite happy. That's why I'm not down or anything or disappointed. If I would've known I would've made the finals five days ago I would've been unbelievably happy.

Q. Any lingering health problems?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I've still got a cough and the throat is a bit weird. Definitely got to make sure I get over it as quickly as possible. As long as I keep on playing and doing all that stuff it's not going to go away faster. So I am going to rest up tomorrow.

Also have to see, but then probably hit the practice courts again. Practice you can manage how hard you're going to do it. Obviously health is No. 1.

The good thing is the off-season was great. I have a base there, so I think within three, four days I should be back at 100%, if things progress normally, which I think they are now, because 90% is passed now, which is a good thing.

Q. Did you feel a little slow out there? Seemed a little upset with the backhand especially.
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I don't know. Just not there. You know, like one step too slow. Definitely felt tired in my legs throughout the week, so then you feel that in defense. When you feel it in the most important moments, every time I had a chance to create some better plays, you know, it just wouldn't be happening.

So it wasn't going naturally. I had to force myself. When you force yourself things become more complicated. Often was also under pressure. How come I was so often under pressure was because of the serve. One leads to another.

Yeah, he did well. It was a tough match. The legs were a little bit wobbly throughout the week.

Q. First impressions working with Ivan?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, the idea was to do it here at Brisbane so Melbourne wouldn't be the first week. So I think that's good. There was no negative surprises anyway. I think it was very comfortable, very natural first week for us. Severin is going to arrive on Tuesday to join the team now.

Yeah, so I'm very happy how the first week went. We just discussed quickly the week. We were both thrilled that I got to play as many matches as I did here this week, because we saw how bad I was doing on Tuesday.

So still been a good first week.

Q. Does Milos remind you at all of a sort of throwback of players when you first started on tour? Big server, coming forward. He came forward 25 times today.
ROGER FEDERER: Not really. I just think his consistent power is something that's so impressive. The focus he brings to every single serve. I've always said it's amazing that he can do that.

Yeah, for a big guy he moves well, you know. He's improved his fitness the last few years. Also tactically I think he's better now than he's ever been. He's made a conscious effort of playing close to the baseline,which before when he was working with the Spanish coaches he was way back.

Yeah, it also may be an option, but if you really want to make it to the very, very top, maybe that's not quite the play. You don't want to hand over the play every time to the best guys.

I think like this it's more on his racquet and it's probably not a bad thing. I thought he was playing really good tennis here last year and in also Indian Wells when I played him. I was quite impressed how good he was. Unfortunately he got injured and he had some issue which then didn't allow him to play anymore since.

So it's a great start for him. I'm very happy for him.

Q. (Regarding Nick Kyrgios.)
ROGER FEDERER: I don't know. I haven't read the press here. Obviously it was a tough spell for him there through the American summer.

Yeah, but people get second chances, you know. Everybody serves one depending on what you did clearly. We're talking sporting terms. It was not good what he did, but at the same time, let's see how he's going to do in the future.

I haven't followed him much in recent times, but seemed he was good at the IPTL and now again at the Hopman Cup. I saw he played great, which number one he's got to make sure that the game is there, and number two obviously his attitude has got to follow.

I think it's quite refreshing for the game actually. He's always been a guy that I enjoyed seeing him play. It was just that he crossed the line then a couple times too many times. I think with experience it's not going to happen so often anymore.

Q. I read late last year that you were planning the schedule for 2017.
ROGER FEDERER: I didn't understand the beginning.

Q. I read where you were planning to play 2017, planning the schedule. Were that to be the case, would you think you would be here in week one?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, '17, I haven't quite thought about it -- I mean, I released 16', so somewhat like a tentative schedule. My idea of the minimum tournaments I'll play where the fans can see me play. That was the idea.

And then '17, I don't have a deal here next year, so I mean, I would love to come back. Or then if I play another week or I don't play this week, you know, I have all the options really.

I have to see actually more with my wife and family what's the best play. The boys will be two and a half by then, so more of a family decision for me over anything else. Then also seeing how long I want the off-season to be and how I want to start the year.

So, no, I love this place here. This would definitely make a good start.

Q. Novak played late last night. He crushed Rafa. Was that a surprise at all?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, that kind of a scoreline is always a surprise between two top guys. You rarely see blowouts, so to some extent it's surprising for sure. That Novak wins maybe not so much because he's been on a roll for a while now.

Yeah, but I don't know how fast Doha plays anymore. Haven't been there in a while. Usually it's quite slow. Once you get the upper hand from the baseline, mmm, it's tough all of a sudden. Then these results happen like we've seen at the World Tour Finals when we've seen blowouts between the top guys as well.

That's because these kind of courts sometimes allows that to happen, whoever takes the upper hand from the baseline then destroys the other guy. So, yeah, different continent, different playing in Australia, but, yeah, of course he's the favorite for the Australian Open. Plus he's played there well historically as well.

Q. Plans for Olympics? Plan to play mixed with Martina in Melbourne or any of the other two slams before Rio?
ROGER FEDERER: I doubt it. I haven't spoken about it, but I can't see myself doing that, to be quite honest.

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