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January 8, 2016

Bernard Tomic

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

B. TOMIC/K. Nishikori

6-3, 1-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Pretty fired up out there today. Part of the new Bernie as well?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, it was amazing feeling to be back on court. Obviously had the opportunity to play him last year and was a different level for me today. I've improved so much.

Being in this match was a huge opportunity for me, huge test, and I was playing very, very solid. He was playing also good.

So it was quality, quality tennis out there.

Q. You did seem very intense though.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, obviously, yeah. Third set was a bit of drama because we were both getting broken early in the first few games and I couldn't hold serve, and I was serving so good throughout the match.

Just shows you how good a returner he is. I was getting very like emotional and fired up. I felt like I needed that as well at that moment. I needed something to bring me up. Turned out goo to my favor, so I'm very pleased.

Overall, very good match to be a part of for me.

Q. Milos is the same height as you. Does that nullify the serve?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, what was that? Sorry.

Q. Will it nullify the serve, because you were serving to players a lot short or than you?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yes. But I think, for example, Kei, if he gets a racquet on the return the return is coming back and it's coming back good.

Obviously I played Radek the match before and he's returning very well as well.

Now I play a player that's very different, very short rallies, one of the best servers in the world. I have to focus on my service games. If I can do that, I can have some chances against Milos.

Q. Did you tinker anything with the game you played today against Kei for what you'll take to Milos tomorrow? Without giving away too many secrets.
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, just got to match up with him. Obviously it's a whole new game. Milos plays that one-two game very, very well. After the serve he has a huge forehand, so you have to move him and be aggressive off the first ball and get him running quickly.

The serve is very, very good. There nothing you can do if he's hitting his spots. You've just got to compete every point and maybe I get some chances.

Q. Your record against top 10 guys hasn't been the greatest part of your CV, I guess. Is that one of your motivations this year, to improve against the really top guys?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, absolutely. Last year I think I beat few players, maybe three or four. I beat maybe Gasquet and who else?

Q. Ferrer.
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, Ferrer. Had a big chance against Berdych; was 7-6, 5-0 or 5-1 up in Miami and I had four or five match points. So I felt look I should have beat a few more players.

Obviously this win is huge. Now I'm at the level last few months being in the top 20 and playing these players that have been consistently in the top 10, 5 in the world. It's a huge, huge feeling to play, and it motivates you. That's what I needed. I needed match wins against these high profile players around the world.

Q. The victory should also get you the top 16 seeding at the Australian Open. What does that mean to you of you get that?
BERNARD TOMIC: I checked that, but also there are a few more things that can go. I think Paire is a little bit behind me. If he were to make a final in Chennai -- I think he's playing his quarter tonight, and has to beat I think Wawrinka or Garcia-Lopez. So he can possibly can make a final and overtake me.

And think Thiem can obviously overtake me if he can make a final here. Fingers crossed I'm okay. I know Gasquet pulled out. If everything goes to my favor I think I go to my career high next week of 17 and I get that seeding spot for the Australian, 16.

So fingers crossed. If I win one more match I'm very happy.

Q. What's your dad up to on the Gold Coast that he's the making the trip up for?
BERNARD TOMIC: My well, sister has to train. She's playing in the Australian Open in the qualifying. He would've loved to come, but she has a schedule with her fitness coach and the people that are working for her. So it was tough for him to come, because he has to support, and then he managed to be following the scores on the phone. So I'm happy he followed. Was always my fan.

My mom was cheering back home, but it's a good thing that my sister is having a shot now. She's playing the Australian Open. Gives her a chance. She's playing very, very good the last six months. I think she's got to 400 in the world now, so it's time for her to maybe move up in the 200 as well.

Q. You talk about this win being huge for you. Kei, the past two times you've played him you haven't taken a set off him.

Q. Does that show how far you've come?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, absolutely. I played him once at the Olympics. It was a very close match on grass, a surface that favors me.

And then last time obviously I had no chance here.

Some days you can play a quality, quality player, top 5, top 10, and lose 6-2, 6-2, but the match can be so close. Other times it can be the opposite way.

But I think every match you win against a player like this is just confidence for myself, and step by step I'm achieving my goal this year. It's there. Of being in the top 10. It's near. If I keep playing the way I'm playing there is a chance.

Q. You served 9 aces in the first set. Is that personal best for you in one set?
BERNARD TOMIC: Maybe, yeah. It's not easy. He's is active and ready on the return. He's always there. Serving 8 aces against him, and I think I get probably five, six serves that he couldn't quite maybe just get a racquet on.

So I'm very happy. He's one of the best returners in the world after Novak and Murray, so I was happy the way I was serving.

I think second set was quality tennis as well, until he broke me, until 4-1. He was playing very well. Once he gets that a little bit freedom it's very difficult to come back with him.

I think i had to start, recuperate, and get my energy for the third set and really focus on the things I needed to do. I played very well in the third set.

Q. In terms of specifics with your serve, is it 30% better than in the past?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, a little bit better. The spots are there. You know, still lacking -- after the match goes on it's about how you serve then, once you get tired in the match. That's where you need matches and be match fit.

I think personally since last year this time I must be serving at least 15% better. That's very important for me, because being a tall guy, if you can get more free points, it's less for me to do and I can go for my shots off the return.

Q. Kei was quite impressed by your movement. Are you moving better you think?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, absolutely. That's one thing also I've improved very good. I'm getting closer to being on every ball. I think the top players in the world are always on every ball, and their timing to be on balance for every ball, even when they're running is incredible. That's why they're incredible athletes.

So I think my movement is getting better. Still a long way to go. I felt so much better on court once I'm moving better. For me it's a plus. I know I can improve a little bit more as well.

Q. You feel like the result today can give you the belief to go quite deep in slam?
BERNARD TOMIC: Absolutely. It's amazing what he's achieved in his career so early, Kei, and maybe one day I will have the opportunity to match that, what he's achieved. This match was very important to win and see where my level was at.

I'm feeling very confident on court. Last year gave me a huge boost of confidence, so I'm happy to be playing here in Brisbane and playing this well.

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