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January 7, 2016

Justin Thomas

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

Q. Happy with your round today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I am after the front nine for sure. I didn't get off to a very good start. I wasn't hitting it well and hit some really bad chips on 7, 8 and 9. I just hung in there. I knew the back nine had a lot of good birdie opportunities, especially with the wind being down and the conditions so good.

So, yeah, it was nice to shoot 4-under on the back. Left a couple out there. But you feel like you do every day, so I'm in a good spot.

Q. Not a lot of wind today, a lot warmer. How did the course play differently than what you saw during the practice rounds?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was a little bit different direction. It was a little bit more out of the north I would say, but it was switching a lot. It was just so light, light and variable it bounces a lot. So had to deal with a little bit different winds. But it was nice.

It's still not firm like it was on Monday, but the course is great, it really is. It's gotten better as the week's gone on, condition-wise. It's not near as wet as it was yesterday, but just kind of had to be more firing on all cylinders as opposed to playing defense when it was real windy.

Q. You got a lot of run out of your comments you made to us earlier this week. Any change in those or do you stick by those?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Absolutely not. I think the big thing that a lot of people are looking into it is, they're looking at it as a career and not this year. If it was a career, obviously that changes things. But it's this year and I still stick with what I said, because I feel like if I make the Ryder Cup team I had a really good or a great year and at least winning one more time, if not a couple more times. So I stick with that. But, obviously, the main goal is to do both, but that wasn't an option in the question. So I just got to work to be able to do both.

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