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January 7, 2016

Bernard Tomic

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

B. TOMIC/R. Stepanek

7-6, 4-6, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What is so tricky about playing Radek? He obviously has beaten you before. What's the catch with him?
BERNARD TOMIC: Just a difficult player. He's obviously won here, and maybe won a final, maybe got to a final here, or not? I think he got to a final.

Q. Yeah, I think I so.
BERNARD TOMIC: So, I mean, showed why he was a former top-10 player. Probably last year didn't play as much tennis as he would like to. He's in form. He played very well in the first round and was an amazing match to be at.

We were both playing really good. It was exciting points. Very difficult players. He knows my game and sort of does similar things that I do, but comes more to the net. So for me it's difficult. I'm always off balance and he's a very, very, very tricky player to play.

Q. Is he one of the few true serve and volleyers around?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, absolutely. I think he has for sure the best volleys going around now. The feel, the way he covers the net, shows why he's an amazing athlete the last ten years on the tour. I cannot think of another person that volleys that great like him.

That's why he's won majors in doubles and been former top-10 player. Very difficult match. I knew tonight was not going to be easy. He's a former champion here, a former finalist here, and I know my position, myself when I play in tournaments that I've won in the past I get that motivation, that feel, and he was playing very good today.

In the end I'm happy I won.

Q. What were you most happy with then out of your own performance?
BERNARD TOMIC: Just the way I kept composed and focused on my service games. Even though I was down a break in that first set, I still remained to try hustle in the big points because he was serving for the first set. For me to win the first set was huge.

I think I focused on and I really competed as much as I could. Just an amazing match for me to be a part of; two hours 45 minutes. I'm very happy. Even if I lost this match, was an amazing feeling to be on court playing that sort of tennis with such a quality player.

Q. How satisfying is it to go back-to-back quarterfinals?
BERNARD TOMIC: It's a very, very pleasing. I'm happy that I got that opportunity again to play this good. Obviously now I play Kei --

Q. Again.
BERNARD TOMIC: -- again like we did last year. Maybe I can get off to better start than I did last year where he won the first set 6-0. He played very, very well and he's been playing great tennis the past four years, and especially last year.

He's a very dangerous player, that's why he's in the -- where he is in the position of the world now with his ranks. He's a very tough player to beat. I have to try and focus on the things -- on my weapons. I will get chances for sure.

Q. What would they be in this match? What are the things that you need to really...
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, I mean, I think I didn't serve as good as I liked in the first set and then he got off to a roll.

Once a player like that gets on to a roll there is no stopping them. I think I need to really focus on the first few games of the first set and stay level with him with my serve. I think that's tomorrow a little bit I have time to work on my serve and hit those rights spots.

I'll have opportunities from his serve. Obviously he's not going to serve/volley like the past few players I played here. He's one of the best players in the world from the ground now. Very tough. Just have to stay with him the whole match.

Q. What is it about your game that's different from last time?
BERNARD TOMIC: Well obviously I'm a different player. I'm more confident, more belief, and I've grown physically, mentally. More weapons now on the serve, forehand. I'm going after the right balls as opposed to last year maybe I went after the wrong balls.

It all comes with confidence and matches and being on the tour. Playing so consist the last year you know what the right ball is. I've improved a lot since last year, and I've gotten to where I've gotten, but I'm playing a very quality player now that's been as high as 4 in the world at one stage last year or so, and now he's I think 7 or 8.

So very difficult player. I have to play well to win this match.

Q. You spoke on Saturday about your serving. Today was 16 aces, couple of unplayables on really good points. Any technical changes you've made over the last year or so?
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, I mean, I didn't know the stats, but I was serving -- I can remember a lot of aces, cheap points today, and a lot of unreturnable, like you say.

Not easy. Radek is a very good returner. He's played many, many years on tour and he knows how to return really well. He's always on the ball.

So if I'm serving good against him like this, I'm very pleased. I've been practicing more serving my spots; whereas opposed to before maybe I didn't serve as much on practice.

It all comes with practice and you feel more confident in the matches. Yeah.

Q. Do you think Kei is favorite on Friday?
BERNARD TOMIC: Absolutely. He's the top in the world. Not easy. I have to earn my position to be there. Obviously beating me last year on these courts it's showing me he can play amazing on this surface.

It's not just to me. He's beaten everyone on the tour and everyone fears to play him. Even Rafa, Novak, Roger. He's had so many wins over these guys, and I have to play well from the start to have any chance of beating him.

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