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January 4, 2016

Sam Groth

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

H. CHUNG/S. Groth

7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Disappointment? You were up 5-2 and got back to 5-All. Is that the most disappointing thing, or some other shots?
SAM GROTH: I mean, it's disappointing just generally. You know, the guy is ranked 51 and I probably should have closed him out.

For me, that's where I'm at at the moment. Probably coming in off my most disjointed off-season in the last few years, and I just need competitive tennis right now. Would've been nice to get a few more matches here, but obviously the main goal is getting ready for Melbourne. Right now I just do, I just need tennis.

My last competitive matches I played in Asia and probably shouldn't have. My foot wasn't ready. Last real competitive matches I played singles-wise was the US Open and that doubles match in Glasgow.

So it's long time ago now.

Q. How did the foot go in match conditions?
SAM GROTH: Yeah, foot was okay. Feels all right now. Hasn't sored up or anything. See tomorrow. I think the foot held up okay.

Q. Next move now ahead of Melbourne?
SAM GROTH: I'm still in doubles here, so I want to try and -- like I said, I just need matches, I need tennis. I'll try and get as many matches in doubles as I can here. I'm playing Sydney next week, singles and doubles.

I'll speak to Ben and Aaron, my fitness guy in Melbourne, and we'll decide if coming in to Melbourne if I need if train through, you know, doubles this week or get some more physical work done.

In the end I'm only seven weeks post surgery, so I'm still doing everything I can to get myself fully fit. As I said, Melbourne is the end goal at the moment.

Q. Matches or just hitting balls get rid of some of those unforced errors. That was obviously too high, wasn't it?
SAM GROTH: Yeah, again, I just think it's being in that competitive environment there is a little more anxiety and it's my first match in a long time.

Even around the net I missed way more volleys than I ever have would miss. I think over the last couple years I've gotten very good at doing that, and tonight just weren't quite there.

You can't recreate that feeling unless you play matches. You can practice as much as you can and you can do as much of that as possible, but in the end there is nothing like recreating the match situations.

I will try and use doubles now as another chance to, like I said, get in those pressure situations and come back and hopefully try and get through Sydney a few more matches.

If not, I'll be ready come -- well, hopefully. Fingers crossed I'll be ready come Melbourne time.

Q. Were you able to draw a line on how good your opponent is tonight?
SAM GROTH: I've known him. He had a good year last year. I think probably hasn't quite established himself on the tour level. He is ranked 51, but I think most -- you know, dominated at the challengers this year. He's young. I still felt like I could find holes in his game even probably where I'm at with my tennis.

Like I said, I probably should have won the first set quite comfortably. I had served for it and had set points in the tiebreak, and he let me back in that match.

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