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December 31, 2015

Lloyd Carrington

Phoenix, Arizona

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How conscious are you of the patch on your jerseys, what he stood for?
LLOYD CARRINGTON: We're very conscious of it. Something we take pride in as far as remembering every day. That mainly speaks to us as he sets the example of what going out and playing with passion is, being focused, selfless as a man and player.

Mainly just going out and being passionate in everything you do on and off the field, being the giver of respect, just giving to the community, making an impact in the world positively.

Q. When you get here as an underclassman or freshman, does someone educate you about Pat?
LLOYD CARRINGTON: You going to learn so much about him. Mainly what kind of person he was. Like I said before, a selfless guy that was passionate about everything he did.

He was a guy that inspired a lot of people because of that, the thing he did as far as turning down an NFL contract to go in the Army, fight for his country. Something that's not very popular with a lot of people. That speaks volumes to what kind of person he was, his heart, understanding what kind of heart he had as a man.

That's something we remember, strive to be every day, just to help us elevate our own status as a person. He was a great player as well on the field, a guy we always remember.

Q. How did you learn about this? Video? People talking about you?
LLOYD CARRINGTON: Really everything. He has a great foundation that continues to give back. We actually met his family a few times. Just sitting down and speaking with them, getting to know him on a personal level, the things that they experience, his relatives, it really showed me a lot as far as what I can do to get better as a person, things I could focus on.

Mainly it's about keeping a focused mindset as far as what you want to get done, not forgetting the people that help you get to where you are, sacrificing for you, continuing to give back.

Q. What is it like playing in the secondary?
LLOYD CARRINGTON: I actually like it a lot. I love the challenge as far as just playing. Playing in the secondary as general, it's a tough position. A lot of elementary dynamics that come with playing the position, especially cornerback.

You have to have a certain skill set, a certain mentality to go out there. It's not for many people. A lot of people, I would say, would fold under the pressure, just knowing what you have to defend, take away, do for the team.

It's something that I relish, just love having the opportunity to do.

Q. How often are you one-on-one during a game?
LLOYD CARRINGTON: A good amount.

Q. A percentage?
LLOYD CARRINGTON: Maybe about 60, 70, yeah. With me, like I said, it's all about your mentality. Just your mentality going out, having great confidence in yourself, this guy is not going to catch a ball, get off the line. Just going out and sacrificing for the team.

We do a great job of mixing everything together depending on the team, the scheme and everything. Every week we have a great game plan. Coach puts together a great game plan.

Q. How often do you have two safeties back?
LLOYD CARRINGTON: It all depends just on the game plan.

Q. With West Virginia, they run it a lot. Because of what you do to stop the run, they're probably going to take some shots. Do you anticipate that or is that just normal?
LLOYD CARRINGTON: It's normal really. You play in the PAC-12, some of the best wide receivers, you always going to have a team go up top and take shots. The main thing is understanding the situation, the tendencies of the teams.

I say just understand the idealogy of the offense you're up against.

Q. What is your favorite movie?

Q. If you could play any other position on the field, what would it be?
LLOYD CARRINGTON: Quarterback. Easy.

Q. Who is the best ping-pong player on the team?
LLOYD CARRINGTON: I give it to Mike.

Q. What is the first football game you ever went to?
LLOYD CARRINGTON: Dallas Cowboys against the San Francisco 49ers.

Q. How do you think you guys match up against the offense?
LLOYD CARRINGTON: I feel like we match up well. The things that we do, as far as our strengths, is something I feel like plays into what they're doing as an offense. Have talented guys, a great team, great coaches, man, well-coached guys that are going to go out and compete hard.

I just have great confidence in what we do as a team, our coaching staff, the way they get us prepared each and every week.

Q. How excited are you to play at Chase Field?
LLOYD CARRINGTON: I've seen a few pictures. It's very nice. I love the venue and the fact we're playing here in the Valley. It's going to be a great atmosphere to get the job done. Great fans, man. They do a great job of keeping us hyped.

Q. Do you think you'll have a slight advantage over West Virginia because of all the fans?
LLOYD CARRINGTON: Oh, yeah, no doubt. The fan base, that 12th man is always a factor in the game. We need to understand what we need to do as a team to win the game, taking it one play at a time, not get distracted, just doing what we do as a team.

Q. What has it been like at the hotel?
LLOYD CARRINGTON: It's been great. Guys are just here enjoying each other. Have great team chemistry, great relationships here that's going to last a lifetime. Guys are just doing what they can as far as enjoying the last moments. Staying focused on the game, but having fun, enjoying the bowl game experience.

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