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July 10, 2004

Nick Price


NICK PRICE: Today I hit one bad shot. I hit a drive 50 yards right of the 4th fairway and made double, but other than that I played okay. I three-putted 1. At least I finished strong. I birdied two out of the last four, so that was a good way to finish, otherwise it would have really been a brain-dead round.

Q. It looked like you really had things rolling on your first nine. Talk about the three-putt there on 1. Did that come as a result of you being -- not hitting the putt you wanted and having it come back --

NICK PRICE: No, actually my second putt I hit left off the hole and it kind of stayed left, actually moved a little left. I didn't hit a bad putt, but I made 5 there and then didn't make birdie on the next hole, and then bogeyed No. 3.

And I got on the 4th tee, and I don't know what I was thinking, but I hit probably the worst drive I've hit all week. You know, there's signs there, I've just got to play a little more.

As I said earlier in the week, when you don't play a lot, things like that happen.

Q. I don't know if you could see from down in the fairway, I believe, on 6, but your approach shot looked like it needed one extra hop and it would have rolled right to the pin there.

NICK PRICE: When you get things going for you, they go for you, and when they don't go for you, they don't work, and I kind of had both today.

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