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December 26, 2015

David Shaw

Kirk Ferentz

Pasadena, California

MICHAEL COLGLAZIER: Hello, everybody. Good afternoon, and welcome to the Disneyland Resort. We are celebrating our 60th anniversary during the Diamond Celebration, but we're also honored to be a part of another great tradition, and that, of course, is the Tournament of Roses. Next week Disney's Diamond Celebration is coming to life as a float in the Rose Parade, featuring some of the most exciting adventures from the Happiest Place On Earth.

But today we are excited to host the Rose Bowl teams right here at the Disneyland Resort in a tradition that was started by Walt Disney himself in 1959.

Now, as the excitement is building for the big game, I'd like to congratulate both the Stanford Cardinal and the Iowa Hawkeyes for earning the opportunity to play in the Rose Bowl. I know all of you team members have a busy week ahead, so enjoy your time today at the resort and have a lot of fun. We wish you both the best of luck on January 1st.

All right. It is now time to celebrate the two outstanding college football teams who have earned the right to play in this year's game, the 102nd Rose Bowl. Our first team finished the season as Pac-12 Conference champions, winning their third Pac-12 championship in four years. Their last Rose Bowl game win came in 2013 against Wisconsin.

Ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome the coach of my alma mater, the Stanford Cardinal, David Shaw.

COACH SHAW: Hello, and thank you, everybody. Behind me, as soon as they're done with the characters back there, we've got defensive back Ronnie Harris, running back return specialist Christian McCaffrey, linebacker Blake Martinez, quarterback Kevin Hogan, and offensive guard Joshua Garnett.

We're so excited to be here. We love Disneyland. We love the Rose Bowl. This is phenomenal. But as we told the guys, the Rose Bowl prep starts tomorrow. Today is all about Disneyland. We're going to have a blast.

Thank you guys, very much.

MICHAEL COLGLAZIER: Thanks, Coach Shaw. All right. Our second team finished the season with an overall record of 12-1. The Big Ten West Division champions will make their sixth appearance in the Rose Bowl game on New Year's Day. The Hawkeyes last appeared in the "Granddaddy Of Them All" in 1991, and their last Rose Bowl win was in 1959 against -- wait for it -- the California Bears.

Ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome the coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes, Mr. Kirk Ferentz.

COACH FERENTZ: Thank you, Michael. Just on behalf of our entire football team, our university and our entire state, we're thrilled to be in Southern California, for sure. Very excited, for a lot of reasons, yeah, for the people from California. Very, very excited to have the Disney experience today certainly and all the great festivities that go with the Rose Bowl, but, most importantly, to have an opportunity to play next Friday in the best bowl there is against an outstanding opponent, the Pac-12 champion, Stanford team.

So, thank you. We're thrilled to be here. We look forward to a great week.

And I'll introduce the players that are up here with me right now. To my left, Austin Blythe, offensive lineman; Jordan Canzeri, running back; Greg Mabin, defensive back; Tevaun Smith, wide receiver; and Jordan Lomax, safety.

Thanks again. We're thrilled to be here. Thank you.

MICHAEL COLGLAZIER: All right. Well, thank you all for being here today. And, hey, gentlemen on both teams and coaches, congratulations for being out here. We hope both of these teams enjoy a great day here at the Disneyland Resort, and we just can't wait to see this great game get played out.

Good luck to all of your teams, and we'll see you at the Rose Bowl on January 1st. Thanks, everybody.

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