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December 12, 2015

Shanshan Feng

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

BETHAN CUTLER: Shanshan, congratulations. What a week. Three rounds of 67 and you saved the best till last today, a 66, a total of 21-under to equal your own record and a 12-stroke margin of victory. You're the only woman to win this tournament three times. So what does it mean to you to win again on the Emirates golf course?

SHANSHAN FENG: For sure, I'm really, really happy. Actually, before I came this year, I didn't really think that I could win again. Like I didn't really aim that as a goal. I was like top five, just enjoy the week and just try my best on every shot.

But of course I performed really well, I would say really consistent. Even though yesterday there were two bogeys, but today was bogey-free again. So overall, I think I did really, really well.

Coming back every year, seeing all the old friends now, I'm really happy. And also being one of OMEGA's ambassadors, I'm really proud of being in the team and I'm really happy that I can actually win this OMEGA Dubai Ladies Masters.

BETHAN CUTLER: You've also won the LET Order of Merit. What does that mean to you on top of the OMEGA Dubai Ladies Masters?

SHANSHAN FENG: I think that is maybe like a bonus for this year, because I won twice on the European Tour and also I finished third at Evian. Overall, I think I did well this year on the European Tour.

I always love this tour because it's good prize money, good players, good sponsors. I think the Tour is getting better and better, because I'm in the player meeting every year here, so actually I can tell the Tour is growing. I'm happy to see that change. If I have more chances to support this tour, I would love to.

Q. At what time did you think you can relax and take it easy and the tournament is yours?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, before I started, I was like, doesn't matter how the others are doing. I'm just going for 20-under. If I get to 20-under, well, if somebody really shot like a really, really low score to catch me, I'm still happy about it.

And also, I think I had five shots before the fourth round, and after two holes, I actually went from five to seven. And then I think after the second hole there, I started to kind of, you know, relax a little more. I was actually a little bit nervous on the first hole. From then on, I was like, you know, I'm just thinking about my 20-under, like don't look at what the others are doing. So that's what I did.

Q. What does it mean to overtake Annika for the most wins record here in Dubai?
SHANSHAN FENG: I would say, I would say the only reason that I actually won more than Annika did is because she's not playing anymore. So I won't say that -- I don't think there's any comparison in there. But I'm really happy to win three times here though.

Q. Is part of you disappointed that you didn't break your own record at 21-under, you didn't just go for it?
SHANSHAN FENG: No, because I was going for 20. So actually 21 is one lower than what I was going for, so I'm really happy about it. I mean, 21-under last time was still me, though, right? Same person. (Laughter).

Q. What were your emotions like on the 18th, just after you had hit the chip shot, I don't know if you were getting a bit emotional or what was going through your mind at that stage in your approach to the 18th?
SHANSHAN FENG: Actually the second shot, I hit out from the rough, right. So actually it went a little bit further than I thought because I wanted to have like a 70-yard shot, but actually it became like 57. So it was a little bit shorter, but I think 57 is like a good range for me. So it's a good distance for me, so I wasn't really thinking about much. I was like, just do what I've been doing the whole week and I hit great shot.

Q. Can I just ask you, as well, what were you saying at the prize giving ceremony? Everybody was laughing, so I wasn't too sure what -- can you remember?
SHANSHAN FENG: I said, well, it's me again, and then everybody laughed. And I'm like, it's like everybody is my old friend now. They liked it.

Q. How much confidence does this give you going into next year? You spoke at the start of the week about all the different goals you might have. How much confidence will you take from this going into 2016?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, this year, my goal on the LPGA was to win one time. But I didn't really win on the LPGA. I didn't have many victories this year, but I'm really happy that I actually won twice on the European. So winning another one as the last tournament to finish this year, I'm really happy that actually I can -- I believe myself I can win again.

So I'm not too old. I still can win. I still can compete. So I'm going to go home with the prize money and an extra OMEGA watch, and also the money from winning the Order of Merit, go home, and maybe get myself some presents, and also for my parents, and have a relaxing off-season and be fresh for next season.

Q. Can you tell us something about how you plan to start the new season? When do you want to start practicing again and what will be your schedule for 2016?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, for me, because this is already the second week of December, a lot of the girls -- because the LPGA Tour already ended like three weeks ago. So the other girls actually have more time to rest.

So actually I decided to skip the first three tournaments. So I'm going to start from Thailand. We are starting from Florida to Bahamas and Australia and I'm not playing those three. I'm starting from Thailand, which is last week of February. So to make sure I have enough time to rest.

I'm planning to stay home for like a month and then maybe go back to the U.S. to train with my coach for a month before Thailand.

Q. You've made this tournament your own now. Will this continue to be on your schedule for years to come, do you think, this event? Will you always enjoy coming back here?
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, well, as a defending champion, if you don't come, I will have a fine. But that's just joking.

Even though there's not a fine, I'm still coming every year. Because I don't have many chances to actually support my sponsor OMEGA, so this is one of the biggest times that I am here for them, and I'm really happy to be on the team of OMEGA family. I will come. And I love Dubai. I think this is my lucky place. I don't see why not to come back.

Q. Can I just ask, in other sports, if you win something three times, you get to keep the trophy. Do you get a replica of the trophy every year, and if so, where do you keep them?
SHANSHAN FENG: I did. I got the smaller ones. But I don't know, so if I win three times, I can have the real one? I don't even know. They will be lined up, three same ones at home. I have like a window closet and then all the trophies sit there.

BETHAN CUTLER: Thank you. Congratulations.

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