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December 12, 2015

Nicole Broch Larsen

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. You're probably second on the Money List this year.
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Yeah, depending how Melissa is going to finish.

Q. How do you reflect on this year?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Well, obviously it's been a really good year. I've had the win, which was my main goal to win on The European Tour, which got me into the Evian, and I played very well there. Got some good experience in Evian and the same at the British Open, even though I didn't finish the two tournaments as I hoped for. But it was still good memories and great weeks.

Yeah, and then I have a couple of top fives, as well. Yeah, it's been a good year. It's just like it started with a third place in the Buick and then fourth, and yeah, a little bit of crying second place in Czech Republic and then my win. Just kind of step by step through the year. It's been really nice.

I'm just enjoying it now. Looking forward to some holiday.

Q. You made good progress in year. What made the difference from the previous year?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Well, I think I learned myself, like I know myself much better. Kind of learned to deal with the situation where I'm in the leading group and stuff like that. So I think I just improve like my golf but also how I act on the course and how I handle myself. I think that's like how it works.

Q. And what did you learn from this experience when you nearly won?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: I learned that -- like I talked a lot with my coach and the conclusion would be that I had this picture in how I should play the 16th hole where I kind of missed it. Then I hit it into the bunker and I didn't really like take a look from the outside. I just played for the four until I actually hit four shots. Like if I made bogey, I would have been tied with Hannah Burke and I still could have made a birdie on the last two.

It's like take a deep breath when it's not going as planned and make a new plan from there. That's what I kind of did in Sweden, as well, where I played not my best golf on the last six, seven holes. I just took a step away and looked.

Q. Have you re-valuated your goals for next year? Do you have a new target in mind?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: I want to win again. It's a nice feeling and now I know I can. Like now I've been second on the Order of Merit, so hopefully I can take the next step and compete against -- I know I can compete against the best players, so it would be nice to win that and do well in some majors if I get into some.

Q. And the Olympics?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Yeah, obviously the Olympics is like my main goal for next year. We are four Danes right now battling very hard to get one of those two spots. Right now I know that Emily and Nanna and Malene can play very well and nothing is clear until July next year.

So it will be a good battle next year and I'm looking forward to hopefully getting there.

Q. What will you be doing to prepare? How hard will you be working on your game?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Now I'm going to take maybe a little break after this week but then I have to prepare for the next tournaments. You can't really sleep at any tournaments next year because if you want to go to the Olympics, you have to be there every week. I'm going to work hard, and especially after this finish on the year, which has not been as I wanted.

So I'm going to take a little break but then I'm ready to work hard.

Q. The strength of the Danish golfers this year, obviously the year of the Dane, really. I've asked you before why do you think that is. Can you give us any more insights into maybe what the Danish Golf Federation is doing, the competitiveness between you?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: For sure, there is this competitive competition going on between us, and I think it pushed all of us. Everyone wants to be the best Dane and that's for sure helping. Then we have a really good coach who is knowing all of us very well. You just kind of like have to accept that you have got bad weeks but you have to look at your own game and trying to push that and improve that.

I think, yeah, the competition between us is one really good.

Q. If you had to give anyone credit for this year --
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Well, for sure I'll give my coach, David Dickmeiss, a very big credit. He's been there and we've had a really good year together building this up until I won in Sweden. He's been there for me. Yeah, he's an awesome coach.

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