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December 12, 2015

Ashleigh Simon

David Butai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

DAVID BUTAI: I don't know what made her ask, but she was asking how many people we would have in our wedding, I said, relax, we still have to get engaged first. It's always been a running joke on Tour. Jeff Otters and Rebecca Otters, they started the trend by getting married amongst the couples. That was about four or five years ago, and then since then, they have been putting the pressure on me, not Ash, but them. Running joke was 2023 was the day.

Yesterday I said to Ash, every birdie she makes, we'll knock a year off it. She obviously didn't want to because it went backwards, quite a few bogeys. I don't know, always wanted to be in Dubai, the season finale, and I knew she wouldn't expect it. Got my sister to make up the ring and it's been a process trying to hide it ever since getting here.

So today it was in the bag obviously and I was pretty nervous because she kept going into the bag. I was like, this is my bag, what do you need out of it. She was starting to give me a strange few looks.

But yeah, somehow managed to hide it, and thanks to the Tour, because obviously they have done a lot of work behind the scenes in keeping it hush, because rumours spread quickly on Tour. Yeah, I would like to thank Mark, the tournament director, and obviously Tristan for the photographs and Beth, just everyone. They really made it work for me. It was a dream come true, for me, yeah.

Q. How long have you been together?
DAVID BUTAI: It will be nine years in January or February I think.

Q. And you've known each other since --
DAVID BUTAI: Originally, I wanted to propose to Ash as a course called Glendower because we were both in the golfing academy and that's where we met. I was trying to organise our friends, but they had gone on December holidays. I thought, a lot of Ash's really good friends are on Tour, as well as mine, so I thought this was the perfect spot to be.

Q. Who are the other Couples --
DAVID BUTAI: Carly Walker and her long-time boyfriend, Scott and her brother, Chris, a long-time Walker and you guys, Beth and Tristan. (Laughter) keep it in house with all the pressure. I've been glad to have that off my shoulders and put it on somebody else's shoulders. Good luck, Trist, ball is in your corner.

Q. When is the big day planned?
DAVID BUTAI: I've got to speak to the boss. I don't know when it will be.

Q. How many years have you been caddying for Ash?
DAVID BUTAI: Six years now. So yeah, two jobs in one.

Q. Did you expect this?
ASHLEIGH SIMON: No. He's always had this joke, we've been together like nine years, and he's always had this joke, oh, we're getting married in 2023, and like the whole week -- and we've been talking about it on the course and everything. And he's like, 2023. He kind of fooled me and he said, no, we have to go to the party tonight because I think one of our friends is going to get engaged. I was like, okay, if we have to go. I definitely didn't expect this.

Q. What did you think about it?
ASHLEIGH SIMON: It's amazing, very amazing. He's done really well. I'm very lucky that his sister is a diamond dealer. So hopefully she gave him a good deal and it didn't break his bank account too much.

Q. Great party for you guys tonight?
ASHLEIGH SIMON: Yeah, unfortunately the golf didn't go well but it's ended really good this week.

Q. Did you suspect it as you were going around the course that he was up to something?
ASHLEIGH SIMON: Not at all. I saw all these people behind the green on 18 and I'm thinking someone behind us must be having a really good round today. I'm thinking, why is everybody here and everything. Yeah, I really didn't expect that at all.

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