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December 11, 2015

Shanshan Feng

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Well played again. At one stage you were a long way clear and in the end still five clear. But still a healthy lead.
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I haven't been looking at the leaderboard, so I don't really know how the others are doing. But I think 5-under today, I played really well on the front nine. Made a couple bogeys on the back, but I birdied the 17th to come back. I think 5-under is still a pretty good score because the day was a little bit more wind.

Q. The par 5s you didn't do quite so well at. Why was that?
SHANSHAN FENG: I think the back nine, maybe I misjudged the wind a couple of times. And then there was one poor drive on the 12th hole, so I made a bogey there. But I think that was fine.

Q. Realistically, do you think 2-, 3-under tomorrow should be enough?
SHANSHAN FENG: I'm not really thinking about it. On the course every time I'm just focusing shot by shot. That's not going to be even in my game plan. Tomorrow I'm just going to do the same thing as the past three days.

Q. So with a five-stroke lead, how do you feel? That's a healthy margin going into the fourth day.
SHANSHAN FENG: I'm not really thinking about it, because I think I did well the past three days, so maybe just keep doing the same thing.

Q. I think you had six birdies in the first 11 holes. What goes through your mind there? Everything seemed to be coming very easy to you.
SHANSHAN FENG: I would say, actually hit maybe a couple missed shots, but they ended up perfectly. So that was a little bit lucky, and a little bit unlucky on the back. I think that's just even.

Q. Are you finding it's as easy as it looks for you the first 11 holes, you're not grinding too hard?
SHANSHAN FENG: I had a lot of birdie chances, and you know, I wasn't really thinking about it. So just like I said, I just focus shot by shot after I make this one and then I think about the next one.

Q. Had you been focused on what Thidapa was doing; what do you think about her and the challenge that she poses?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I think that she must have had a pretty good day today. She plays on the LPGA, too, and I think she's won on the European, so I know she's a good player. Maybe I've played with her once so far. So tomorrow should be a pleasant day.

Q. Very uncharacteristic of you to make two bogeys in a row.
SHANSHAN FENG: Why are you always asking about bogeys?

Q. Somebody has to ask the unpleasant questions.
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I already answered. I said it was okay. I made a couple mistakes but it happens to everybody, so that's it.

Q. Does it dash your confidence at all or not?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I was kind of, you know, maybe not as confident on the putting after that, and then I was okay. I think I was still making good strokes, but just maybe speed-wise, I was missing by a little bit. But they were still pretty close. Yeah, should be fine tomorrow.

Q. How windy was it out there today? Was it an extra club or was it not too bad?
SHANSHAN FENG: It was, I would say maybe just one club, but I think maybe the past two days, there was no wind at all, so today was playing a little bit tougher.

Today, I think the front nine was really good. I had many birdie chances and a lot of them were really close. The back nine, well, I made a couple bogeys there. I think it just happens. It's normal because the day was a little bit more wind. So human being, we're going to make mistakes. I was okay with that.

After that, I was happy that I made birdie on the 17th, back to 5-under.

Q. Must be frustrating that on the back nine, which is the so-called easier nine of the golf course with three par 5, you did not make a birdie on any of the par 5s. Was that a bit frustrating given how well you were playing?
SHANSHAN FENG: I didn't think the back nine was easy. I mean, I didn't think so.

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