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May 7, 2005

Nick Price


NICK PRICE: It was blowing, and a lot of times today there were a lot of cross-wind driving holes and you felt like you were threading the needle trying to bet the ball to stay in the fairway. I drove the ball exceptionally well today and I think I still only hit about nine fairways. It's difficult.

And then of course once you miss the fairway, even if you're in the first cut, these greens are firming up, and it's playing so hard and fast, you've got no spin on the ball and you've just got to let your short game do the work. You kind of feel like you're sort of plodding out there, trying to put one foot in front of the other and try not to make any big mistakes.

Q. Pinehurst is about six weeks away.

NICK PRICE: With the way the wind is blowing and as firm as this golf course is, this is as good a taste as we've had all year.

Q. Kind of give it a little extra juice here, getting an exemption into the Open coming here?

NICK PRICE: I wish I had thought about that a little bit more often when I was out there, but the golf course is so difficult, you're trying not to think about anything other than getting the next ball on the fairway or on the green. Obviously Pinehurst, that's a great honor for me to get the invitation.

Q. Looking at Sergio who's playing pretty well --

NICK PRICE: So is Vijay. Vijay is playing really well. There's a couple of guys out there who have made a couple of bogeys here and there, but I figured out at the beginning of the week 10-under was going to win, and Sergio is already there. So for me to get there, I've got to shoot 5-under tomorrow, which is a tall order on this golf course.

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