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December 10, 2015

Shanshan Feng

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. In first position at the halfway stage but happy with where you are?
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, I think I actually had a rough start, because the 10th hole is a par 5, and I hit it in the rough, the first shot. And then the third, I was trying to hit on the green and I hit in the bunker again. So it was kind of like a tough 5 on the first hole.

After that, I made a few pars and started to make birdies, made two. Then after that, I was making pars for awhile and then after that, finishing with a couple birdies, so I'm happy about it.

Q. Mel Reid was playing in your group and she was firing, so you knew you had to keep on performing?
SHANSHAN FENG: Mel is a really good player and we've played many times together. I think yesterday wasn't her game. Today, I think that was Mel. So I was expecting her to actually come back today. So I wasn't surprised at all.

Q. Did you have some issues with your shoulder or your neck out there? Someone said the physio came out and had a quick look at you.
SHANSHAN FENG: Just a little bit, the neck and the upper back. So I called for the physio, so she came on the 17th hole, worked on it a little bit so it doesn't really bother the swing. So I'm going to go see her maybe Avenue.

Q. This is something you had coming into the tournament?
SHANSHAN FENG: No, I just felt it. I don't know when I had it. I just felt it like on that 14th, 15th hole.

Q. Two rounds now without a bogey, just what is it about this course that suits your game so well?
SHANSHAN FENG: I think my ball-striking was not bad. I was leaving the balls a little bit shorter after I saw the physio. But I wasn't far away off the green. So I could still make the two putts. Made a couple birdies on the par 5s and I think, yeah, I think this is just a course for birdies. So we're not really thinking about bogeys.

But of course, it happens, if we make bogeys.

Q. Now you've talked all week about Top-10 is your aim --
SHANSHAN FENG: Top five, I changed, because they reminded me from last year. They said last year you're top five and this year you're Top-10, so I changed, top five.

Q. At what point do you start thinking towards your 21-under from 2013? You're at 10-under now and that is the record for the tournament. Do you think about that at all?
SHANSHAN FENG: Not really. Last year I was 19 --

Q. In 2012, you were 21?
SHANSHAN FENG: Was I 21? I forgot. Well, I'm not really thinking about it, and I think every year, the condition is a little bit different, so it doesn't really matter if I break it or not. Like I said earlier, I just want to enjoy and be relaxed this week as I always do in Dubai. I've had two good days so far, and there's another two days to go.

Q. Could you give the details of the birdie putts?
SHANSHAN FENG: 15 was short. 15 was maybe ten feet. And then 16 was maybe about 18, 20 feet, a little downhill left-to-right.

Q. The third hole, as well, you had a birdie there?
SHANSHAN FENG: Because they moved the tee up, I was able to get to the green by two shots. So my second shot was just off the fringe on the front right. And then I almost made it on my first putt.

Q. You're well in control for the weekend. How do you feel for the weekend? Are you worried about getting complacent or are you quite relaxed?
SHANSHAN FENG: I'm really relaxed. I think I've done well so far. I'm just trying to do the same thing again.

Q. Are you conscious that people are going to be catching you up?
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, why not. This is a course about making a lot of birdies. Like Mel was playing really well today, so if any players shoot 9- or 10-under in one round, they will catch up.

Q. Have you ever played a tournament bogey-free?
SHANSHAN FENG: No. I had one bogey one time.

Q. Would that be a big achievement if you were able?
SHANSHAN FENG: Not really thinking about it.

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