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November 30, 2015

Jon Bullard

Vernon Hargreaves

Derrick Henry

Ryan Kelly

Reggie Ragland

Trip Thurman

Atlanta, Georgia

THE MODERATOR: Trip, would you mind just giving us a brief comment on Florida advancing to the Championship Game?

TRIP THURMAN: Yeah, we're happy to be here and I know a lot of fans and expectations outside of this program thought we wouldn't be here at this point of the season. But we're happy to be here and ready to compete.

Q. You guys, 17-point underdogs, do you guys ignore that? Do you embrace it? Do you use it as motivation? What do you think's going to be the formula within the team this week?
TRIP THURMAN: Yeah, obviously the whole country has us as underdogs and we are just going to prepare like we have week-in and week-out.

Q. Does that bother you at all that you're such big underdogs?
TRIP THURMAN: No, it doesn't bother us. I mean, like I said, a lot of expectations prior to the season. Didn't think we would be here at this point. It's something that we take in one ear and out the other. We're going to prepare the same way we have week-in and week-out.

Q. Can you just talk about Alabama's front seven, what makes them so impressive?
TRIP THURMAN: They are really big, physical guys up front. They have played together a lot of games. Their front four is probably I would say their big point on their defense and we have to be able to handle them up front if we want to win this game.

Q. Is there another front seven or front in general that kind of resembles them that you've faced this season?
TRIP THURMAN: No, I don't think so. I think Alabama's front seven is the best in the conference. I mean, we've played against Ole Miss and LSU, but these guys look great on tape. We need to prepare well for them.

Q. For those of us who don't follow you each week, what has happened to the offense? I guess when you had Grier and Treon made his nice start down in Baton Rouge -- what would you say has happened with the offense down the stretch?
TRIP THURMAN: I'd say a lot of it's been communication. We've prepared well each week. Sometimes in the game, we get muffled communication. You know, we just need to keep focused and stay on track.

Q. And what was that like through the middle of the year to have your quarterback just suddenly no longer with the team? I know you've gone through injuries during your career there, and I guess it's kind of the same type of thing but just one minute Grier is there and the next he's not behind you. What was that like going through that time?
TRIP THURMAN: Yeah, you lose your starting quarterback, it's always a tough transition. Will was a great player and it's unfortunate that we had to lose him, but we trust Treon back there and we are going to prepare this week and get ready for 'Bama.

Q. What have you seen from Alabama's pass rush this year that's made them so effective?
TRIP THURMAN: It's made them really effective the way they create movement up front, line games, twist games. Also just personnel-wise, they rotate eight or nine guys on the defensive line. That's going to be really key for us kind of watching them on film, each guy, knowing their moves and things like that.

THE MODERATOR: Vernon, welcome to the championship call. Would you mind just commenting briefly on your team entering the SEC Championship Game versus Alabama?

VERNON HARGREAVES: Well, you know, it's the first time for really everybody on the team. So we're all excited. We're all ready to get after it, and I guess we'll see how it plays out.

Q. 17-point spread: Do you guys forget about it? Do you use it to motivate yourself, embrace it? What do you think's going to be the overall team attitude about that this week?
VERNON HARGREAVES: I think everybody takes that as however they want to take it. I didn't even know that was the point spread. I could care less about a point spread, but some guys may use it as motivation. Some guys may use it as whatever they want to use it as. We're focused on us. We're focused on taking care of us and hopefully coming out with a win.

Q. How banged up have you been this year? What have you been having to play through?
VERNON HARGREAVES: Well, I've been relatively healthy. Early in the year, I hurt my hamstring. Missed a game versus LSU, and then most recently I got sick last week. I had a little stomach bug. But other than that, I've been healthy. I've been feeling good and I'm ready to play.

Q. The defense is coming off of a pretty humbling defeat, especially late in the game. How do you guys rally after a game like that, and build your confidence back up this week?
VERNON HARGREAVES: Right, it was very disappointing, very disappointing loss, the whole team's disappointed. But sometimes you get knocked off your horse, you have to get right back on. The sun comes up again and it's a new day and new week and new team to prepare for.

We're going to do our best. We're going to work hard like we do and see how everything works out.

Q. Did you ever play against Derrick or Calvin?
VERNON HARGREAVES: I played against him last year when we went to Alabama. Never in high school, never played them in high school. Only time I played them was last year when we traveled there.

Q. What was your impression?
VERNON HARGREAVES: He's a great back. Obviously he's one of the best backs in the country. He shows it week-in, week-out. He runs hard. He keeps his head down, keeps his mouth shut and grinds and plays tough football. I respect his game. I respect what he does. I'm looking forward to battling against him this weekend.

Q. What do you see from him as a receiver?
VERNON HARGREAVES: He's extremely explosive, extremely confident in what he does. He runs great routes. He understands offense. He almost reminds me a little bit of Amari Cooper. They have the same style play. It's going to be a great match-up for us corners to deal with him and along with No. 13, Stewart, also another great player. We're looking forward for the matchup.

Q. I know you saw Henry in the game -- seeing him in the open field, what's it like to see a guy that size in the open field?
VERNON HARGREAVES: It's not that fun. It's not that fun. When he has a full head of steam coming at you, you know, he's a big back; he can make you miss, he can run you over. You've got to hold on and wait for the boys to get there, wait for the team to get there.

Q. How much is the front seven of yours taking pressure off the secondary?
VERNON HARGREAVES: They have played great all year. I mean, quarterbacks don't have time to throw the ball and obviously that makes it easy for us in the back end. We appreciate them and everything that they do. They always play hard. They are always making play, always making it easy for us. We just have to make plays on the ball and they take care of the rest.

Q. How much more impressive is it when you -- -
VERNON HARGREAVES: It's tough, but we kind of prepared that way. We're built that way. Doesn't matter who is in the game. We all understand the standard of how we play defense and everybody understands that you're held to the same standard as the starters, if you're a backup, third-team guy, it really doesn't matter. We're all held to the same standard.

Q. How much sweeter is getting to play in this SEC Championship Game having gone through a 4-8 season your first time around?
VERNON HARGREAVES: Oh, man, it makes it just feel that much better. Obviously I've never been to the SEC Championship. It's my first time. But I've heard, everybody always tells us about how exciting it is. Coach Mac (McElwain) talks about the energy; even Coach Mike Peterson (ph) he always tells us how big of a game it is. I'm just really excited. The guys, we worked hard for it. We went through a lot. We had downs in the season but everybody stuck through and we pulled through. We deserve to be here.

Q. You could have gone anywhere to college out of high school. Has there ever been a point earlier in your career where you second-guessed your decision, whether it was winning four games as a freshman or six last year with the coaching change; did you ever second-guess going to Florida when times were tough?
VERNON HARGREAVES: Absolutely not. I'm a Gator for life. I chose this school for a reason and win lose, loss, draw, it doesn't matter. I love the Gators. I love the Gator Nation, and never had second thoughts.

THE MODERATOR: Jon, would you mind briefly giving us some comments on Florida entering the SEC Championship Game.

JON BULLARD: I mean, we were disappointed Saturday but I think we're going to regroup. Coach Mac had a good speech on Sunday when we met as a team. We're going to regroup. We've got guys banged up. We're going to get our bodies back together and come out and give it our best shot.

Q. You've been battling through some injuries. Have you been beaten up this much in a season and had to play through as much as you have?
JON BULLARD: I haven't. I haven't really had that many injuries since I've been here. I'm fine. I'm going to go. This is a big game for us. It's been a big year so far. This is my last one, so I'm not going to sit out. I'm just going to take care of my body and be prepared to play for the game coming up.

Q. We spoke at Media Day off to the side for a moment about how tough the transition was to go inside to defensive tackle. What do you recall about that in your sophomore year? You seemed to behind that there wasn't enough buy-in from you then but you've done so since. How tough was all that back then?
JON BULLARD: It was tough at first. I wasn't really bought into doing it. I didn't think it was the best move for me at the time when I did it. I knew it was to help the team and I ended up doing it, but I wasn't 100 percent into it. I didn't, you know, practice as hard as I should have, learning my techniques and stuff as I do now.

But now that I've bought in, I embrace it. I actually like it a lot now. I like it kind of more because I'm closer to the ball and I can make plays left, right, up the middle, outside, no matter where it's at. I just embrace it.

I mean, it was a hard transition for me at first but after I put my mind to it, being a pretty good athlete, I watched a few guys. I had first rounders that do it since I came in with Eives (ph) and Rese (ph), so I knew what it took to come in and dominate at the position. So I just mimic what I seen them do and locked in and I just wanted to be good at it and so far, so good.

Q. Derrick Henry, you played against him once last year and you've gone against Calvin Cook a couple of times. Wanted to ask you specifically about Derrick and his ability to take over games in the second half and in the fourth quarter. Is that something that's in a guy's mentality? And you guys have had a lot of games this year where you guys have gotten tougher in the second half or fourth quarter. So what's the tuning fork that goes off inside, the longer the game goes on, the tougher somebody gets?
JON BULLARD: That's a good trait for him to have, but I mean, I think it just all determines on how we go out and play. If we hold him throughout the whole game, that's going to really be on us. If we continue to pound him early and hit him hard throughout the whole game, that's a good thing for him to have that where he can keep going and have the ability to get better as the game is going on. But if we keep hitting him and doing our job throughout four quarters, I'm confident in my group.

Q. What's unique about Alabama's running game?
JON BULLARD: I just think they do a good job of scouting the plays. They pretty much do the same plays but they do it out of different formations. I think they do a good job of trying to keep the defense guessing of what's coming because of how much they change the personnel that they use. But they are really running what they do best. I think that's going to be a good thing for them.

But I think that's something that we just have to go on film and study. They usually don't show the same looks over and over, so it's just something we've got to go out with the mentality to do our best and just do our job and not try to do too much. I'm confident that Coach Collins will get us in the right play call.

Q. When did you realize that this front seven that you guys had would be pretty special this season?
JON BULLARD: I actually knew it before the season started. I mean, I played with the guys last year. I knew we was losing Dante but I knew the guys that was coming in behind him, the guys that was coming back, was just as tough. So I knew right away when I made the decision to come it was that it was going to have that style of defense.

Q. Have you looked at Alabama's front seven? Do you see any similarities? What have you seen from them that sticks out that you like?
JON BULLARD: No, I haven't really watched them. I know they are a good group. Numbers speak for themselves with that group, so I know they have a good front seven, too, but I haven't really watched them.

Q. Just wanted to ask about tackling a running back like Henry; what's the difference from someone 6'3 or 6'4 than a guy who is 5'10, 5'11?
JON BULLARD: That's a big body coming towards you. I think with big backs like that, you've just got to wrap up and get a letter hat (ph) to the ball. Everybody do their part; everybody run to the ball every play. It's going to be a good effort on our part of trying to get him down.

I think with the energy that's going to be in the building and the defense and the guys will that I've got behind me and beside me, I'm confident in us.

Q. And Alabama's blocking scheme at the front line, what's the scouting report --
JON BULLARD: They have got big bodies up front, so they try to maul you. We are just going to have come out and really stay in our gaps, really load the point. That's what we are going to practice this week during practice, I'm assuming, and I just know that the guys around me is excited about the game. So I just think we are going to go in, stay in our gaps up front, guys behind us, linebackers and DBs can tackle, also, so we'll be fine.

THE MODERATOR: Reggie, if you could give us brief comments on Alabama's advancement to Atlanta.

REGGIE RAGLAND: It's a wonderful thing. We work hard all year, despite that one loss we had and our backs against the wall our whole year. So to come out and be mentally tough the whole year, and that's what the guys did.

Q. Do you guys -- Alabama seems to reload each year. Is player development a little bit more than it's given credit for at Alabama? Guys that are red-shirted and then step in and playing corner -- can you talk about the player development that helps you reload each year?
REGGIE RAGLAND: Speaking from experience, it took me two years to get ready to get on the field. Coach is not going to put you on the field unless he thinks you're ready. Even if it's a year or starting right off the bat like Minkah, he started from the jump. It depends how the guy reacts to what he first gets in. I know it took me a couple years to really understand things and when I finally understood it, coach gave me a shot to get on the field and I took my chance and Iran with it.

Q. You guys, you're going to lose quite a few players off this team. Any doubts about what Alabama is going to be able to do after this?
REGGIE RAGLAND: I know Coach is a great technician about putting things together, and then next year, I know Coach will do a great job of putting the team together and getting the guys he wants to coach on the field. Coach will do a great job.

Q. When did you realize that this front seven was going to be so special?
REGGIE RAGLAND: Knowing how the guys react, I knew it from the jump because they were so close together, and again last year, the things they did. And then this year, guys wanted to be great and that's what we're doing this year. Guys are putting it all together and playing physical, tough, hard football. I knew we had a bunch of good guys on the front seven, and them guys want to be good. Any time the team wants to be great, we've got a good shot.

Q. What's made you guys click so well together on the field and helped you play to such a high level?
REGGIE RAGLAND: Because we love each other. We're always around each other bonding. We know how each other reacts to adversity and how each other thinks and we know each other's background. Guys know what to say to each other to make them click, so I think that's why we're so close and we gel together on the field.

Q. What's the key to stopping Florida's offense?
REGGIE RAGLAND: I haven't seen much film on them yet but from what I have seen, we have to get pressure on their quarterback as normal and we have to stop some good wide-outs that they have. It's going to be up to us to play an all-around good game because they are a very explosive team and they can break the ball on you at any time. We have to play good overall defense and contain them and stop the run.

Q. Tell us what it's like to tackle or attempt to tackle Derrick Henry?
REGGIE RAGLAND: Oh, it's a handful. I'm used to it now. But for the most part, any time Derrick runs the ball, you've got to bring everything you've got and you've got had hit him hard and gain tackle him, especially with the guys we have on our team. But we're used to him, so we have to be very physical on him and stop him from running.

Q. You say you're used to it now. What about when you first got there and had to figure out how to bring him down?
REGGIE RAGLAND: Any means I had to tackle the right way, wrap up on him, because if you don't wrap up, he'll break every tackle and you can't arm tackle him. It's a very hard development level, but I got there before he did, so I kind got used to it tackling Eddie and TJ (ph). I was kind of used to it but for the most part you've got to wrap them up.

Q. How much has the competition and the depth that you guys have in that front seven helped you guys to become better than you have this year?
REGGIE RAGLAND: We've got guys that come in and won't miss a beat. If one guy goes down, we've got somebody else that can come in and play hard, just as hard as the guy that was their starter. Plus Coach Davis has done a great job of getting guys prepared each week-in and week-out of getting our front seven prepared to strike blockers and the different type of schemes that the teams have.

For the most part we have a bunch of great guys that want to play. If a guy goes down, we have another guy that can come in and he won't miss a beat.

Q. What's stopping a mobile quarterback like Treon in your guy's defense?
REGGIE RAGLAND: Got to keep him contained. Got to keep him in the pocket. Got to make him throw the ball. You can't let him run because he can run real well. But you've got to keep him contained and make sure the guys have good pass rush lanes.

Q. Has Kirby Smart said anything to you guys about what may be coming this week?
REGGIE RAGLAND: No, he hasn't said a thing yet. We have a meeting in about an hour so he's going to let us know everything we need to know.

THE MODERATOR: Derrick, would you mind talking about your Western Division Championship you won on Saturday and advancing to Atlanta?

DERRICK HENRY: Yes, been a fine season. We work hard as a team. Played some tough teams -- (inaudible) -- where we are championship got to get ready for the season.

Q. How much truth is there to the whole urban legend now that Florida recruited you to play linebacker?
DERRICK HENRY: That was like high school -- linebacker -- (inaudible).

Q. I'm having trouble hearing you.
DERRICK HENRY: I don't try to focus on that. Never really recruited me as a linebacker. That's in the past. I'm just going to focus on right now. So I don't really -- inaudible.

Q. But is it true? That's all I was kind of asking?
DERRICK HENRY: No, I was never recruited as a linebacker.

Q. The challenge that Florida defense presents, you had a tough night late in the game -- what do you see from this unit?
DERRICK HENRY: They are a great defense. They are great at what they do. Very athletic, very fast and physical, you know what I'm saying. Got to prepare this week to face them on Saturday.

Q. With all you're doing this year, how proud are you to be bringing attention to Yulee, Florida, a small town you're from; but do you think more people know about it now because of you?
DERRICK HENRY: You know, that's my hometown. I'm just trying to get my team a win and this is positive for me and my hometown. I'm all about it, my hometown, to have the same opportunities that I had to go to college, University of Alabama. It's a great cause and I'm all for it -- inaudible -- all my teammates.

Q. How much do you enjoy running in the fourth quarter? Because it seems like you're not getting tired but you're making everyone else who is trying to tackle you tired?
DERRICK HENRY: I just try to stay mentally locked in and just focus on finishing and getting a win, if it's in the fourth quarter -- we take pride on winning in the fourth quarter. That's what we all preach about.

Q. Could you elaborate a little bit on getting stronger as the game goes on, second half, especially the fourth quarter, is that a mentality you've always had?
DERRICK HENRY: Get stronger as the game goes on and just keep pounding and running hard and being disciplined -- inaudible.

Q. What's it like to face your front seven in practice every day?
DERRICK HENRY: The guys, they practice real hard, play real physical, play with a lot of intensity, so every day is a challenge and we all make each other better.

Q. What have you seen from Florida's front seven and do they resemble your guys at all?
DERRICK HENRY: I watched a little bit of film on them. They kind of are similar to our defense, really good guys up front, very physical, very disruptive and just try to make plays for their defense.

Q. I know from covering you back in high school that you're not a big awards guy, a big records guy, but have you given any thought to the Heisman? I know that's been big in the past to you. Have you thought that far ahead at all?
DERRICK HENRY: No, not worried about that. Worried about Florida, who we're playing this week and preparing for them so we can be ready for the SEC Championship on Saturday.

Q. Do you like playing on the grass or turf and what's the difference running on turf?
DERRICK HENRY: Doesn't matter to me. Whatever we have to play on, we have to play -- whatever the field, I'm ready to play.

Q. What's the significance for to you play against the University of Florida in your home state?
DERRICK HENRY: It's going to be a fun game, great team, (inaudible). Going to have to practice hard to get ready.

Q. You had a relationship with Calvin Taylor in high school; do you guys keep in touch and what was that relationship like?
DERRICK HENRY: We keep in touch every now and then. We just always talk to each other, give each other advice, keep on doing what we're doing and doing a good job for our team.

Q. You also have a relationship with some of the guys from Jacksonville. What's that kind of relationship like and will there be any smack talk this week a little bit or any robbery talk?
DERRICK HENRY: No robbery talk. I'm just happy and wish the best for them. Won't be much talk -- just playing hard for our team.

Q. Going back to Calvin, you plays played in probably the most hyped regular-season game in high school football game in history when you faced each other, what was that experience like back then and what's the experience like to play against him now on an even bigger stage?
DERRICK HENRY: That was a fun game, really big game. Had a lot of hype around it. It was fun to play in on that stage in high school and looking forward to playing against him again in the SEC Championship.

Q. After that game in high school, you said that he was the best -- he told me that you thinks you deserve to win the Heisman. Can you talk about the respect that you guys have for each other?
DERRICK HENRY: That's why we call each other brothers. We all support each other. He's doing a great job for them and I really appreciate his support that he has for me and he knows that I support him.

RYAN KELLY: Yeah, every year we go into the SEC west, we know it's going to be a hard battle. Week-in, week-out you have to be prepared, execute. Things didn't always go great at first. We kind of had a little ripple in the beginning, but ever since then, we've been clicking on all cylinders and it just goes to show how resilient this team is and just couldn't be more proud of how we've played the last couple games.

Q. What makes their pass rush so effective?
RYAN KELLY: What are you referring to?

Q. The pass rush of Florida.
RYAN KELLY: We haven't really looked at a whole lot at them yet. It's only Monday. But what I remember from last year, I know that they are long guys who are very explosive, just like a lot of other teams in the SEC. They play with a high motor.

I'm sure we're going to gain more knowledge of them today. But they are in the SEC Championship, so we know they are great players. They have a good front seven so we are going to have to bring our A game this week, and just prepare the best we can.

Q. What kind of matchup problem does he create and how much does he anchor this defense up front, Jon Bullard?
RYAN KELLY: I remember him from last year. They have a great front line. I know Bull is a big guy, really lengthy, plays with a lot of explosion in his hips and his hands. We go against a really good defensive line every single week and they make us better. It's going to be a big test for us up front, I know one that we are ready for. We're going to go start preparing for them today and start watching some film on them, see what they do, what we feel we can kind of make an advantage for us.

At the end of the day, it's going to be our 11 versus their 11. Have to go out there Saturday and play our best and I know a lot of guys are going to be up for the game.

Q. He has Bullard at 15 and a half tackles for loss at a position where there's not a lot of traffic in there. How impressive is being able to produce at that level from that position?
RYAN KELLY: You know, I'm not sure -- one thing that we like to do on offense is really just to minimize negative plays. Negative plays can really kill drives and it doesn't get you off to a really hot start on offense, what you want to do, you want to play fast, move the chain.

So that being said, we are going to have to come out with these guys fast. You look at the games we've been successful here, we've come out really fast and we have moved the chains and kept our defense off the field. As long as we put drives together, I think we're going to be fine. That being said. They have a really explosive defense; one that we respect; and one that we're going to have to get ready for.

Q. There's going to be a significant number of guys playing their last SEC game for Alabama on Saturday. Do you ever doubt that Alabama can reload; that there's guys coming up that will make this all better?
RYAN KELLY: You know, every year, Coach Saban does a great job of recruiting some of the best talent in the country and really trying to get the right guys who really want to come here and not just because it gives them the best chance to be successful later in life but because it's all about the team.

You look at all the guys we have on our team now, the bigger picture is not about individual award, it's about how far we can take this team and just keep developing every week. It's been a huge transition for us just to keep getting these young guys prepared. You look at it now, there's a lot of young guys who are playing at a really high level, and really just playing for the team honestly. And that's just a great feeling to go in week-in and week-out with these guys.

Q. Is player development a little underestimated? Everybody talks about the calibre of the recruit, but can you talk about the player development from red-shirts up to seniors?
RYAN KELLY: Alabama is not for everybody. It's not for the faint of heart at all. You have to really want to get better, want to be all about the team. But coming in, every single person here is pretty much is All-American at some point or was the best in their high school. So it's obviously very competitive environment here and one that Coach Saban thrives on that.

But we are going to have talent every year but it's all about developing these guys and to understanding the playbook. We have a pretty sophisticated defense, offense, special teams. And I think Coach Saban, it's just a testament of what he's been able to do here, to get everybody just playing for the team and get everybody playing on the right page. Just been an unbelievable experience and probably never be replicated again, I don't know. Been just a great experience overall.

Q. Can you just talk about the challenges you guys face in practice going up against your own front seven?
RYAN KELLY: I think our front seven is the best in the country. They give us a great look every day. They play a lot of different fronts, so we see a lot of things in our practices from camp all the way to now where it just helps us for other teams down the road.

Our defensive line, we go against them almost every single day. So whether it be in the pass game or on the running offense, we have to work on our fundamentals every day. We make them better as well. I think the best thing that we can do is go against those guys every day. Kind of prepares us for the games, and they have been huge for us this season, getting us great field position, stopping them on third down and giving us opportunities to be successful. Couldn't say enough about those guys and how hard they work.

Q. I know you said you have not looked the a ton of film on Florida's defense, but from what you saw last year is there anything they do up front that kind of compared to what you guys do?
RYAN KELLY: They definitely have a different defensive coordinator so some of the schemes they do will probably be a little bit different. But as far as defensive linemen goes, we know they are long guy who is play really explosive, they definitely want to get negative plays against us.

With that being said, those are some of the things that we have to work on this week is just come out fast and just kind of hit them in the mouth first. That way we keep our momentum rolling. We'll obviously look at them better today but as far as I know they are a really good defense. They have played really well all year. So it's going to be a good test for us.

Q. Last year, you all pretty much established Amari Cooper as your top offensive weapon pretty early. When did you know that Derrick Henry would be the offensive workhorse? Was it the Wisconsin game or preseason?
RYAN KELLY: I don't think going into the season, we kind of -- we don't go in knowing that we're going to throw this guy the ball every time or we're going to give this guy the ball every time. We always like to be in a balanced offense. But with that being said, Coach does a great job of leveraging our offense to our assets. Last year we had Cooper who was an unbelievable wide receiver. We have a lot of threat this year, too, a lot of young guys who are still developing these roles.

Derrick has done a great job of taking on a leadership role and I think Coach feels comfortable giving him the ball, especially when he can run over 40 times a game and he's still running with the same amount of speed.

With that being said, our offensive line -- it's been special, just try to get Derrick the most open holes that we can, give Jake the most time in the passing game which we have also been explosive with, as well. I think it's just been a great combined effort on entire offense.

Q. You always hear linemen prefer to run block over pass block. Has this been more enjoyable looking for Derrick this year?
RYAN KELLY: I think either way, you try to get as much yardage as you can where you can. So last year, I think that primarily, we threw the ball a little bit more than we ran it, so we had to critique ourselves that way and become the best pass blockers we could, all the while being the same dominant up front running game offensive line that we could.

So it's always great to be balanced and we just try to perfect our game at both of those. Whether it's a run or pass, whatever, I know all 11 guys are going to try to do their job the best they can.

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