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November 28, 2015

Johan Van Herck

David Goffin

Steve Darcis

Ghent, Belgium


6-4, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2

Belgium - 1

Great Britain - 2

An interview with:




THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Johan, what do you think made the difference in the end? A much closer match than the scoreline looked in the end.
CAPTAIN VAN HERCK: I think the experience of playing doubles together, the experience of playing doubles the whole year-round. But, yeah, that was the little difference today.

I think we had our chances to do more in the first three sets, but okay, this is what happens in doubles. It's going fast; it can changes a lot. This is what happened.

I think we had chances, but we didn't convert on it.

Q. Johan, when did you decide on your team and what was the thinking behind it?
CAPTAIN VAN HERCK: We decided this morning after the warmup. My first plan was always to play David and Steve, but I wanted to see how David got out of his match. So we did the warmup and then we decided.

As it showed, it was not for us the best tactic to go and play at the net and play real double because I think the British were better. So we wanted to play from the back and make them play a lot of points.

For sure, during the three sets, we showed why it was the right tactic to do.

Q. Johan, how do you assess Belgium's chances now?
CAPTAIN VAN HERCK: It's a difficult day tomorrow. But as a team we have to believe, we have to stand up, we have to fight. Not a lot of people gave us a chance to win against Argentina in the semis, and we did it. So now tomorrow there's a huge task ahead of us.

I think for every tennis player, it's a position he wants to be in. We're going to show tomorrow that we're a strong group, we're a strong team, and we're going to try to solve this together. We're all going to be ready to fight again.

Anything can happen in Davis Cup.

Q. Steve, did you have problems with your arm or wrist? You had a cortisone injection yesterday. Is that true or not? What happened, because you lost four times your serve in a row, but you started very well in the match, then suddenly something changed in your service motion and everything.
STEVE DARCIS: I don't know when you heard that I had a cortisone injection. I think it's out of nowhere, but it's okay.

No, my wrist, it's okay. I think I played normal. Of course, I lost my serve a lot today. At the beginning they were not returning so good, and then they were putting a lot of pressure. Like Johan said, they have more experience. I got sometimes a little bit tired.

But, no, physically I was okay. The wrist is okay. The arm is okay. Yeah, it was not the best match I could play, but at least we tried, so cannot say something else.

Q. David, how are you feeling physically after nine sets in two days? How confident are you going into the match against Andy Murray?
DAVID GOFFIN: Physically I'm feeling good. I played five sets yesterday and four sets today. But I think physically I can play another match tomorrow. So I think it's not a problem if I have to play five sets tomorrow. I will be ready.

But I think I'm still confident for tomorrow, even if we lost the match today. I'm feeling good with my groundstrokes and everything is okay for tomorrow. So I'm ready to give everything.

Q. Steve, you said you were getting tired towards the end. If you have to play a fifth match tomorrow, are you available and fit for that?
STEVE DARCIS: Yeah, I will be available. We'll see tomorrow morning. But, yeah, of course I will be ready if I have to play. We'll see tomorrow.

I think we all have to be ready tomorrow.

Q. David, you haven't won a set against Andy before. How can you turn things around?
DAVID GOFFIN: Yeah, I think I've never played against Andy on clay court, so I'm going to try to, yeah, play my best tennis tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow I have nothing to lose. They lead 2-1 in the tie. I just have to give everything I have for the match.

I think on clay court I have some weapons to play a good match. I still don't know how Andy's going to play and how he's feeling today, but I think I'm going to focus on what I have to do, and I will do it until the end.

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