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November 26, 2015

Johan Van Herck

Kimmer Coppejans

Ruben Bemelmans

Steve Darcis

David Goffin

Ghent, Belgium

THE MODERATOR: Good afternoon, everybody. Questions, please.

Q. Ruben, how do you think you will beat Andy Murray?
RUBEN BEMELMANS: By winning the last point.

Q. How do you get to the last point?
RUBEN BEMELMANS: I don't know. Andy is very solid. He's No. 2 of the world, so it's going to be very tough.

But I'm not going to discuss tactics here. I think we have a clear plan and it's up to me to execute this as well as possible.

Q. Johan, what do you think the atmosphere will be like when the match starts? Obviously a difficult week for Belgium.
CAPTAIN VAN HERCK: I think it will be unbelievable. I think it will be a little bit like Carnival. I think it will be a full stadium. I think it will be a lot of noise. We hope there will be a lot of noise. I think it will be a lot of fun and cheering for us. That's what we hope for.

I think that's what the players deserve to get when they get on court.

Q. Captain, could you explain the decision to put Ruben into the singles rather than Steve.
CAPTAIN VAN HERCK: I can. The weekend's going to be long. I think with all the information I've had over the last two weeks practicing, the information we have regarding the matches, the way we want to attack the matches, the way we see the weekend going, we thought it was the best decision to put Ruben tomorrow, and we'll see after that who will play on Saturday and who will play on Sunday.

It's going to be a long weekend. As I say, with all the information that I had from the practice - physically, mentally - the game plan we have, I think it was the best choice to make.

Q. David, I know you are not selected for the doubles on Saturday, but do you expect to play on all three days?
DAVID GOFFIN: I don't know yet. I think I'm going to play the first match on Friday and then we're going to see after the first day.

Everything is possible. Physically I'm fit to play every day. But we're going to discuss all together.

For the moment, Steve and Kimmer are on the board and we're going to see all together after the first day.

Q. Johan, are you surprised or pleased that Great Britain are going to give a debut to a player in the Davis Cup Final?
CAPTAIN VAN HERCK: Am I surprised? No. Anyway, it's a Davis Cup Final. I think it's all new for us, for both teams.

We expected Kyle to be the number two player. We expected Ward was going to stay on the team, because it was going to be a huge risk to keep Inglot in. If something seemed to happen to the other players, they wouldn't have another singles player.

I think he's a talented player. We're sure he's ready to go to play, and will rise to the occasion, if I can say. So are we. We expect a difficult match.

I think he's a very good, talented player. We'll talk about it later on with David and the coaches to see which game plan and tactic we're going to put in for this match.

Q. Ruben, you were playing club tennis in France. Tell us about the difference you expect, how many people were watching you, as opposed to playing Andy Murray tomorrow?
RUBEN BEMELMANS: You cannot compare this. It's two different things. This was because I had arranged this already in the beginning of the year, otherwise I wouldn't have played.

But it's two different things.

Q. Ruben, it's obviously been quite a difficult week for Belgium, especially in Brussels. Do you feel your team can give the country a little bit of a lift with its performance over the weekend?
RUBEN BEMELMANS: Well, like we said before, this weekend is about sports. I hope the people don't think too much about what's going on in Europe right now.

No, hopefully we can give the people a bit of smiles on their faces by winning this Davis Cup.

Q. David, how much have you seen of Kyle playing maybe on video? How can your experience help?
DAVID GOFFIN: Yeah, I don't know Kyle a lot. Like Johan said, I think he has a great potential. On clay he could be a really good opponent tomorrow. He won challengers on clay court. I think he's really talented.

But, yeah, we're going to see tomorrow. That's all I can say. I don't know him a lot. I don't know how he's playing. It will be a little bit of a surprise tomorrow.

Q. Ruben, I don't think you've ever played Andy Murray. Have you ever practiced with him, spoken to him? What do you know about him?
RUBEN BEMELMANS: No. The first confrontation I have with him, match or practice. It's going to be new for him, as well. I think I probably know him better, how he plays, than him me. Maybe I have a slight advantage there.

They will be well-prepared. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Johan, how important do you expect home advantage to be and how will you use that to your benefit?
CAPTAIN VAN HERCK: I think it will be huge. The two nations played all the matches at home this year. We'll have this one at home also. We're looking forward to getting the people involved. I think it will be important that the people get behind us when we're winning, when we're losing. To get the people behind, I think it can really be an advantage.

Try to get them on the back a little bit of the English - the Brits, if I have to be correct. No, we will try to get them involved as much as we can, as much as we are allowed to. It's an advantage we have to take.

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