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November 24, 2015

Steve Alford

Tony Parker

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

KANSAS - 92 UCLA - 73

THE MODERATOR: We now welcome UCLA to the media room, Coach Alford and Tony Parker. Coach, an opening statement?

COACH ALFORD: Well, really tough first half. We haven't started either opening half well at all since we've been here. Didn't think we started the game well against UNLV and we didn't start the game well tonight.

Give my guys credit at halftime. When you get knocked down, you either lay there and wait until somebody picks you up or you show some character and some toughness and some pride and do better. I thought in the second half we calmed down offensively, and then we were able to put together some decent defensive stops.

But that's a very, very good basketball team. Definitely a top 5 team in the country. If we play poorly in a 20-minute stretch against that, it's going to be hard on us, and that's happened tonight.

Q. What about that first half was toughest on you guys and trying to rally from that deficit?
TONY PARKER: Getting into an offense. Staying level headed. We took a lot of tough shots. I didn't notice the double team as quick as I should have. We just took a lot of tough shots. As a team, we've got to make adjustments quick.

Going in, we knew they were a really, really good team, and they played well defensively, and that's what they hang their hat on. So we have to get great shots. You have to get good shots to beat a team like that. We didn't take good enough shots and we didn't get enough stops down the stretch for the way we were shooting to even continue.

Q. How much did their defense on Bryce frustrate him?
COACH ALFORD: I thought they did a really good job. I think Bryce looked a little tired with what happened yesterday, and I fully understand that. It's not easy. He'll learn from that.

But you've got to give Kansas an awful lot of credit. They switched some people on him. I think Graham to start with, and then came with a bigger Selden. That's different. There are not a lot of guys at 6'5", 6'6" that are checking him that can defend like Selden did, and I thought he did a really good job on him.

But I thought all in all we got some good guards. I thought Isaac got going a little bit, which we need to do. I'm sure Bryce will bounce back, if I know him. I think I know him pretty well. But just like everybody, different games people have to learn lessons, and I think he'll learn lessons after he watches this tape.

Q. What makes KU's guard so difficult to go up against?
COACH ALFORD: Well, it's a very athletic team. Very deep team, and they can shoot the basketball. Ten threes again tonight. 15, I think, last night. We

had some breakdowns defensively, but to score 59 points in the half, you're doing a lot of good things because your offense is clicking. Had five or six guys that make threes and their guards do a very good job. Graham and Mason are very quick. Really good decision making. You've got Mason, seven assists, no turnovers; Graham, three assists and one turnover. They do a good job of dictating the pace. They can play at a really, really high-level pace.

We're not to the point where we can play at that pace. I think we got caught up playing their pace in the first half. The pace got more to our liking in the second half, and that's a credit to their guards.

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