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November 24, 2015

Eric Bovaird

Kiran Shastri

Dantley Walker

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii


THE MODERATOR: We now welcome Chaminade to the media room, Coach Bovaird, Dantley Walker and Kiran Shastri. We'll start with an opening statement from coach.

COACH BOVAIRD: I thought we played well through about 34 minutes of the game. We had a bad six-minute stretch there in the middle of the second half with a bunch of turnovers in a row, it led to easy baskets for them and that was the difference in the game. For the most part, I thought we played right with them for about 34 minutes.

Q. Dantley, you know these guys pretty well. At halftime you had to be encouraged by the way you played. Did you really believe you were going to pull the upset at halftime?
DANTLEY WALKER: Yeah, I think we came into the game knowing we had to play well to win. But we were pretty confident that we had a chance to come out and win in the second half.

Q. Kiran, you guys took like 33 threes yesterday against Kansas. Today I think you were a lot more selective and made your fair share of them. Was that deliberate or just the way they were playing you guys?
KIRAN SHASTRI: Yeah, I think the way UNLV played, they really wanted to stop the three. They did a pretty good job of it, so it forced us to go to the hoop a lot. But their goal was to stop the three. That's pretty much it.

Q. To follow up on that, when you guys were up at halftime and, as coach said, you were playing well into the second half. UNLV has a lot of athletes, obviously. Why do you feel they broke your game open and the game got away from you?
DANTLEY WALKER: I think we had a couple turnovers. They got out a little bit. Then they really hit the offensive boards well, and made a lot of second-chance points in that stretch and kind of took the lead right there it felt like.

Q. For either of you guys, one more chance to pick up a win here in this tournament tomorrow. How did you feel about St. John's and trying to get something out here still?
KIRAN SHASTRI: Yeah, we're really excited to play tomorrow. We're about to watch some film on them. We'll get to know them well, and Coach will get us well prepared for them, so we're excited for tomorrow.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Kiran. Questions for coach.

Q. You guys obviously like to shoot the three. Can you just talk about the 30-second clock new to this year? Does that help, hinder, change the plan for you guys at all?
COACH BOVAIRD: Well, not from previous years, but I imagine there are teams that are looking to change a little bit of their philosophy because five seconds is a long time. No coach really wants to get down to the last three seconds of the shot clock and you're scrambling to try to force up a shot. So our philosophy has always been we're trying to get a high percentage shot. It doesn't matter how long it takes in the shot clock.

In some games we get them really fast. In some games it takes a little bit longer. But it's all about a high-percentage shot no matter how long it takes.

Q. Was it just a case you felt like UNLV woke up in a stretch there in the second half? Or did they have too many athletes and eventually that just wore you down? What did you think?
COACH BOVAIRD: We typically don't play against a lot of 6'6", 6'7" guys, really long-arm-type of athletic guys. They were in the passing lanes. Normally we can make those passes around the perimeter. But I think his name is Jones and McCaw, and they are pretty long and athletic. They stole some passes that don't normally get stolen in our level of play and that kind of broke the game open. We turned the ball over in other ways too during that stretch. But the turnovers were key.

I'm not sure if it woke them up. I'm sure the dunk that Derrick Jones threw down might have woken them up a little bit.

Q. How would you say your team responded from yesterday's game to today?
COACH BOVAIRD: I thought they responded well. We knew going into the Kansas game it was going to be a monumental effort for us to play with them. I looked at them on film and I saw one of the best teams that I've ever coached against. We've played the North Carolinas and Gonzagas, and UCLAs. I thought this might be the best team we've ever gone against.

So the carryover after getting basically blown out yesterday, the guys came with a new passion to try to play today. I think that showed, especially in the first half. I probably should have subbed a little bit quicker and earlier in the second half. During the stretch I looked out there and our guys looked a little winded. So I probably should have subbed quicker and a little bit more frequent.

Q. Coach, Sam Daly, who I know is a pretty big play maker for you guys, picked up those three fouls in the first half. Maybe when he came back in the second half, he might have been pressing a little bit. Did that hurt you guys?
COACH BOVAIRD: Yeah, without a doubt. He's been a good player for us. All the three-point shooters we have, most of them rely on guys like Sam and David to create shots for them. Sam's been really good for us and him picking up those fouls definitely hurt us.

Then I didn't start him in the second half because I was hoping I could use him down the stretch and it would be a close game and we would have him at the end was my game plan.

I put him back in there and they started their run and he started pressing a little bit and didn't play up to his capabilities.

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